Thursday, November 16, 2017

Roy Moore supporters blame 'gay terrorists,' 'lynch mob media,' etc for his troubles

Today, supporters of Roy Moore held a press conference offering support for the beleaguered senate candidate. Moore is facing allegations that he sexually harassed seven women, some under the age of consent.

It went as well as one would expect:.

From Right Wing Watch:

Anti-abortion activist Janet Porter drew a gaggle of Religious Right activists to Birmingham this afternoon for a press conference praising Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a portion of the more than 200 people she said have signed a new letter standing up for Moore after a spate of allegations that he made sexual advances on teenage girls. 
The press conference, which Moore and his wife Kayla attended and Moore spoke at, featured effusive praise for Moore’s character and record and vehement denunciations of the “character assassination” Moore’s supporters say is being waged by his enemies. Speakers identified these enemies not only as the women accusing him of sexual misconduct (“lies” and “vile calumnies”), but also the “lynch mob media,” “gay terrorists,” “communist Democrats,” “anti-God Republicans,” and other enemies of life, liberty and the Ten Commandments. 
Speakers included anti-abortion extremists like Flip Benham and Operation Save America’s Rusty Thomas, long-time Religious Right fringe figures and like Alan Keyes and Gordon Klingenschmitt, right-wing internet personalities like Activist Mommy, local pastors, and even Janet Porter’s mom, who is still furious about the way Republicans treated her daughter when she ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio state senate last year. Also speaking was Steve Hotze, a Texas activist who has been a major funder of Moore’s campaign, who Porter said had helped to organize the event.

It got even more interesting as the video above shows:

 One standout—both for being a non-Christian and for the intense ugliness of his anti-gay rhetoric—was Rabbi Noson Leiter, who denounced the “abomination” of marriage equality and “homosexualist gay terrorism and blackmail” and praised Moore for taking on “immoral Bible-hating millionaires” including “anti-god Republicans like McCain and Romney.” He said Noah’s flood “was triggered by societal recognition of same-gender marriage—so-called marriage.” Letier said, “We need Judge Moore to stand up to the LGBT transgender mafia, which legislates sins that the Bible brands abomination into public policy, thereby advancing laws that result in state-sanctioned abuse of children and adults alike.”

Then, believe or not, it got crazier.

Buzzfeed explains what happened:

At the start of the event, the event planner informed the Moore supporters intermingled with reporters crowded into seats in the small room that organizers “have requested no questions about any of the allegations” during the press conference portion of the event that followed the statements from Moore and faith leaders. 
When the question and answer portion arrived, Moore sat back down in his seat. Porter, who had organized the event, stood at the podium to field questions. 
The first question came from a CNN reporter who asked Moore whether or not he had touched any of the women who have alleged he sexually harassed them in some way. Moore's supporters yelled in anger. 
“He’s already answered that,” said one. “Hush,” said another. “Stop lying,” said yet another. 
A second reporter asked a similar question, at which point Moore and his wife Kayla stood up and exited the room, and the press conference came to an abrupt halt. 
“You were told not to ask about that,” a woman supporting Moore said angrily to the CNN reporter. 
“You make me sick,” another woman said to him on her way out. 
In a narrow hallway outside, cameras and reporters surrounded Keyes, who berated the press for their questions.

The following is the audio from what happened next. No violence (thank God), but still, these people are simply insane. So much damn fear:

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Kevin Andrews said...

There is no clearer demonstration of Christ-O-Fascism than these Missionary of Hate who attempt to censor truth and provide shelter to a pedophile who is twice removed from the Bench because of his Anti-Constitutional Actions.
A great demonstration of the inbred idiots of Alabama.