Monday, December 11, 2017

Evangelical right gather to sing Trump's praises & surrender last of their integrity

Those who follow this blog know how much I am not a fan of the evangelical/religious/anti-LGBTQ right. The purpose of this blog from day one has been to expose how they smear my community via junk science and out-and-out lies. Also it has been my mission to expose just phony and unapologetically craven these groups and personalities are.

A wise man once said the best way to defeat your enemies is to give them what they want. When you do that, they generally rip off their masks to show the face that you've been telling everyone they have. That's the only way I can suitably explain the tweet below via White House reporter from Bloomberg, Jennifer Jacobs.

One would think that with all of the lies, malfeasance, incompetence, and investigations surrounding the Trump Administration, conservative evangelical leaders, who are so quick to complain about how the country's off-track and needs to 'back to God," would be the first in line to decry the madness.

Not so much when Trump is giving them influence and practically hand delivering them goody and goody.

Just disgusting, as the following demonstrates:

 The entire crowd of the religious right is there from Robert Jeffress to Tony Perkins. From Harry Jackson to Gary Bauer. These are the people who have claimed to stand against LGBTQ equality, a woman's control over her own body, and "secular values" in general because they want to "save America."

Yet they unashamedly supporting an incompetent fool whose policies would eliminate healthcare for millions, cut much needed government programs for the elderly and affirmed, and basically make America a piggybank for the one percent.

And why? Because he caters to their egos and sense of self importance. Because he puts them in the spotlight via White House meetings, writes for them excuses to discriminate, and engages needless nonsense such as "saving  the words 'Merry Christmas.'"  Because he provides them with the possible means to reshape America, not for the better,  but in accordance to their own selfish desires and false belief that God talks only to them.

The elimination of masks, particularly in politics, is very necessary. Some faces are too damn ugly to remain unexposed. There is nothing good or genuine with this crowd of charlatans.

And I hope that this is remembered years after Trump leaves office.

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