Tuesday, February 20, 2018

SC Republicans launch ridiculous, idiotic, laughably bad plan to undermine marriage equality' & other Tue midday news briefs

South Carolina Republicans want ‘parody marriages’ to circumvent marriage equality - No! No! No! Exhibit A on why it is so difficult for LGBTQ activists, bloggers, etc who operate in SC to be taken seriously. We are on the cutting edge but still have to deal with these folks. What part of "The Supreme Court already settled the issue of marriage equality. You lost. Get over it." don't they understand?

Lambda Legal Sues HHS after Lesbian Couple Blocked from Serving as Foster Parents - And here we go. A taxpayer funded program turns away this couple. Good luck to them because our community pays taxes too and we can provide good homes for children. We shouldn't have to deal with such blatant disrespect. 

Daniela Vega set to make history as the first openly trans person to present an Oscar - Not bad. Let's also work on nominations and winning. 

Gay comedian goes on rant about body shaming in the gay community - Preach!!!!! 

Religious freedom laws are ‘harming LGBT people,’ says Human Rights Watch - Folks in the media never seem to get to the gist of this problem - 'Religious freedom laws" are never about "religious freedom." They are simply the new tactic to undermine the LGBTQ community.


Frank said...

I knew when the SCOTUS gave the OK on marriage equality that there would be a backlash. I wonder if the OK had come from a majority vote in congress, would thing get this bad. Some think that because it was the court that made it the law of the land, that they have the right to ignore, undermine, reverse the decision. And if they have their way with new supreme court nominations, the day may very well come when same sex marriage is rescinded, as did Bermuda. It seems that there are new attempts to "undermine the LGBT community"almost daily, somewhere, by some authority or another. Local LGBTs will be busy putting out fires unless something changes soon... Any chance that this whole Republican Party can be declared a hate group?

Hunter said...

Re: Frank:

The right has been trying to delegitimize the courts for decades. It's part and parcel of their agenda to establish a Christian theocracy.

As for rescinding same-sex marriage, that won't be quite so easy: Congress (and state legislatures) can pass all the bills they want, but if they don't survive constitutional test, it's no go. And overturning it through the courts is even more difficult -- someone has to prove that they've been harmed by same-sex marriage before they can even be heard by the courts.