Monday, March 19, 2018

Dear anti-gay evangelicals, you're fake, you're phony, and you're not fooling anyone

The man who sent this tweet is claiming that Christians like him are being unfairly attacked by the LGBTQ community

In the age of Trump, the audacity of the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right to get their agenda through has been off the charts. And with that audacity comes an obliviousness which is sad. The way they have been carrying on, one gets the impression that they are drunk with power. They seem to think that the gravy train of influence they are partaking of via Trump won't end or somehow they will be shielded from being called out for their hypocrisy, even when he leaves office.

Today, the American Family Association's fake new source, One News Now, issued a warning to parents implying that a new movie seeks to indoctrinate their children into homosexuality:

Christian parents are being advised to be ready for a conversation with their children about a movie that opened this weekend that could have them talking. Love, Simon (PG-13) is billed as a trendy romance – but in fact it's the first "gay" romantic movie with a full-throated Hollywood marketing campaign. This movie was not made for LGBT audiences; instead, it's a subtle message movie for the straight world:  
 From the movie trailer: "My name's Simon. For the most part, my life is totally normal. I have a family that I actually like, and there's my friends. So I'm just like you, except that I have one huge secret: nobody knows I'm gay."  
 The story line focuses on how Simon "comes out," or announces to the world that he's gay. The characters are relatable, sympathetic, and loveable. The producers are hopeful audiences will yearn for Simon to be accepted and find his true love – and if data from the Barna Group and Impact 360 Institute is to be believed, many children from Christian homes are ready to get on board in today's environment of moral relativism.

This nonsense about gays attempting to indoctrinate children is nothing new from One News Now. But it's very interesting that the news source talks about "moral relativism"in attacking 'Love, Simon" when one takes into account the numerous articles and columns it has published since Trump's election calling his ascension into the White House as ordained by God or defending him the numerous times he has shown himself to be a caustic, incompetent boob with awful ideas. Or constantly attempting to justify why evangelicals voted for him in a large number in spite of the fact that he doesn't even begin to embody the ideas they think up when attacking others(the Stormy Daniels controversy included big time) And speaking of keeping children away from harm, I won't even talk about the numerous articles and columns One News Now published defending failed Senate candidate Roy Moore when he was accused of misconduct with underage girls.

But believe it or not, One News Now and the AFA doesn't take today's prize for hypocrisy.

That little gem belongs to long-time anti-LGBTQ activist Matt Barber:

Matt Barber, the head of Christian Civil Rights Watch, has announced that he will publish a hit list of progressive LGBT organizations and activists that a religious zealot or domestic terrorist could use to attack the community. He says the list will only include “anti-Christian extremists.” 
 . . . Barber will create his own list of potential targets, but instead of white supremacists, vociferously anti-LGBTQ groups, and anti-Semitic activists, he will highlight “anti-Christian extremists.” “At Christian Civil Right Watch, we want to be aggressive,” Barber said in a recent interview with radio host Audrey Russo. “We want to out-Alinsky the Alinskyites. These are Saul Alinsky-type tactics. We have come up with and are building a comprehensive report and interactive map kind of akin to what the Southern Poverty Law Center is doing with their so-called hate groups. We’re detailing and itemizing anti-Christian extremists groups, with the Southern Poverty Law Center, of course, topping the list of these groups.”

When one looks at the Christian Civil Right Watch page, one reads the following:

These groups promote animus towards Christian pro-family people. You may be labeled “bigot” or “hater” if you hold traditional values, conservative religious beliefs, or conservative political principles; or believe in biological sex differences; or are pro-life; or are concerned about the health hazards of LGBT identities and lifestyles. This list does not include the anti-family mainstream media, the educational establishment (at all levels), “welcoming” churches, pro-LGBT corporate sponsors, governmental entities, local “human rights” commissions, etc.

Barber is a liar, a fake, and has a very warped view of Christianity. I've been tracking him for a number of years and to put it mildly, Barber is a creep. A rabid homophobe of the worst kind. The following tweet he sent in 2013 is his idea of "upholding traditional values and religious beliefs"

The attack on gays in the Boy Scouts is basically in line to the myriad of comments and images Barber has inflicted on the LGBTQ community.  GLAAD has an entire page devoted to Barber. He is one of those anti-LGBTQ activists I wrote about last week - the Ick Factor Fanciers, i.e. the ones who want there to be constant mentions of the so-called details about gay sex in order to disgust people away from LGBTQ equality. In fact, Barber insisted upon this during a 2009 anti-gay conference.

There was some small disagreement about how much people should rely on religious arguments in the public sphere, with Matt Barber urging people to focus on the “ick” factor around gay sex and on claims that homosexuality is a health threat, which he called the movment’s “Achilles heel.”

I don't know what's worse. The fact that AFA and One News Now rides Trump like he's paying their rent, only to pause so they can whine about "moral relativism" and the LGBTQ community?  And without any shred of care that people see their hypocrisy.

Or Matt Barber complaining how more needs to be done to save "Christians" like him from being supposedly targeted by the LGBTQ community, even though there are oodles and oodles of information on the worldwide web proving that he hasn't exactly been all that pure or Christian towards the LGBTQ community.

In the end, it really doesn't matter to me because I'm having fun collecting and cashing out the "receipts." And I hope to cash lots more.

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