Monday, April 23, 2018

'Anti-LGBTQ groups, personalities weaponized religion to smear Sen. Booker' & other Mon midday news briefs

With ugly coordination, the religious right and their allies tried to smear Sen. Cory Booker (left) as anti-religious because he grilled Sec.of State nominee Mike Pompeo (left) on his history of homophobic statements.

Anatomy of a Smear: The Religious Right’s Dishonest Attack On Senator Cory Booker - The religious right weaponized religion in a smear attack on Sen. Cory Booker because Booker asked critical and appropriate questions about Sec. of State nominee Mike Pompeo. This will probably occur more - i.e. the religious right exploiting religion to play the persecution card when asked about their homophobic methods or how Trump is bending over backwards to fulfill their homophobic desires.

Republicans introduce a bill to make it legal for adoption agencies to discriminate - And watch how they weaponize religion to push for discrimination. This bill would allow adoption agencies which discriminate against our community to still receive tax dollars (which are paid in part by our community). 

Trump administration health announcement is latest blow to transgender Americans - The Trump administration is trying to roll back anti-discrimination protections in healthcare. Just another nasty attack on the LGBTQ community, particularly our transgender brothers and sisters.

HRC Calls on the Senate to Reject Anti-LGBTQ Judicial Nominee Kyle Duncan - AND by making sure there are homophobes on the bench, the religious right hope to win cases without even having to prove their arguments. This always has a way of backfiring on them. 

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