Monday, April 30, 2018

'Trans ban proving to be a mistake which may trap Trump, Pence, & religious right' & other Mon midday news briefs

Attempts to ban trans troops is proving to be a mistake which may trap not only Trump, but also Pence and the religious right

A Growing Problem for the Military Transgender Ban — Facts - Make no mistake about it. Trump's attempt to ban transgender soldiers is a smoldering powder keg just waiting to blow up in his face and in the face of the religious right. I've got my fingers crossed and my nails sharpened for when it happens. Why? Check out the next news brief. 

Family Research Council whines, fundraises off subpoenas from trans servicemembers lawsuit - This article was published last week but it signifies what's going on. The Family Research Council is silently running scared because its usage of junk science and cherry-picked studies to smear the LGBTQ community may receive a much deserved spotlight. And this possibility may harm Pence as well as Trump.

‘Big Win’: Bryan Fischer Celebrates The Firing Of The House Chaplain - More proof that when folks like Bryan Fischer whine about "religious freedom," they only mean themselves.

Schools Struggle to Support LGBTQ Students - Teachers want to help our LGBTQ kids but don't know how. And you just know certain entities want to keep them from learning how. 

Ghana’s Christian lawmakers insist homosexuality won’t be legalized anytime soon - A reminder that our struggle for equality and safety is worldwide. 

Hawaii Moves To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors - Sweet!!

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