Monday, April 09, 2018

'Trump supporting black pastor attacks Black Lives Matter for having lesbians in leadership positions' & other Mon midday news briefs

Harry Jackson Says Black Lives Matter Can Never Achieve True Justice Because There Are ‘A Few Lesbians’ In Leadership Positions - Oh hell no! Harry Jackson, a black pastor who is bought and paid for by white religious right groups, is the last person to rag on anyone for any designations regarding black people, social movements, etc. Not only that but he is a proud supporter of Donald Trump. Look at pictures of Donald Trump with the pastors who support him regardless of his garbage. Jackson is one of the few black pastors there and smiling like a slave whose "master" let him live in the "big house." (And to answer a question hopefully not asked - those lesbians ARE black. It sounds stupid but you would be surprised how many folks would read the headline and assume that the lesbians are automatically white.)

Sex Education and LGBT groups 'rape the minds of children' says Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston - This right here is a stupid woman. But she has enough of a following to make Newsweek, unfortunately.

Is Ted Cruz in trouble from a pro-LGBT challenger? - That would be nice. 

Popular Gay Media Is Still Focusing On Straight Acceptance, Rather Than Celebrating Queer Difference - The eternal internal fight in our community. Where I stand is that both sides should be heard because of the diversity of our community. Some LGBTQs do seek so-called normalcy while others do want to embrace a queer identity. I think the important thing to remember is that no one has the patent on what we should be, even folks in our community.


Frank said...

Re: Popular Gay Media
The gay lib experiment of the 60s and 70s has been co-opted in many respects - and not to pass judgement because it is all an evolution - when you consider same-sex marriage, "respectable" families, and mainstreaming on TV and movies. Personally, despite all our advances, I don't want "acceptance" and I'm tired of waiting for something that will never happen.

What I do want is to be allowed to live as an openly gay man without a whole segment of society trying to shove their religious beliefs in my face and denying me rights under the guise of religion. In some respects gay lib was more authentic and more exciting and more truly liberating than fighting court battles or checking in with Grindr or Manhunt.

steevee said...

Wouldn't continuing and expanding the radicalism of countercultural gay liberation just lead to endless conflict with the religious right, with both extremes at each other's throats and no possibility of middle ground for people who genuinely want to get married and raise families, instead of them finally leaving us alone? Not that the timidity of HRC and GLAAD has achieved genuine acceptance, but expecting all LGBTQ people to be radicals is describing 1972, rather than 2018, and that move to the center reflects a larger cultural swing.