Thursday, April 12, 2018

'Will Uganda reintroduce bill which could put gays in jails for life?' & other Thur midday news briefs

Ugandan MPs want to reintroduce anti-homosexuality law that could imprison gay people for life - And we are HERE again. Just in case you need a reminder, this monstrosity was originally unveiled thanks to American homophobes coming to Africa and scaring the heck out of people.

Related post - Slouching Toward Kampala: Uganda’s Deadly Embrace of Hate - GLAAD Media Award nominee Box Turtle Bulletin was the first and only news source to give an entire break down on what happened in Uganda to cause this mess. 

Column: You’re not alone: LGBTQ students face dual stigma regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health - Whenever we get blase or jaded about fighting for equality and especially calling out the anti-LGBTQ industry, we need to remember that our kids are depending on us.

Extremists compare so-called ‘Must Stay Gay’ bans on conversion therapy to Jim Crow - OH HAIIIL NO! 

Mat Staver: Media Is Waging Satanic ‘Psychological Warfare’ Against Trump - Well dang! I thought we in the LGBTQ community was waging "Satanic Psychological Warfare."

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