Thursday, May 31, 2018

Anti-gay pastor Franklin Graham called out for 'praise the Lord and vote Republican' fakery

It's about time that someone not allow Franklin Graham to get away with the "praise the Lord and vote Republican" fakery he has been pulling in California. And the fact that it happened on Fox News - Donald Trump's propaganda arm - is a miracle in itself.

From Raw Story

Evangelist Franklin Graham thinks it is “sad” that Democrats and Republicans cannot be friends in today’s political climate. But Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt isn’t convinced that Graham is all that concerned with bipartisanship.  
 “That is a pretty remarkable contradiction,” Stirewalt said during a Thursday appearance on the network. “You have a guy that goes and out complains about how divided the country is politically, and then follows that up with don’t vote Democrat, whatever you do.” “It is so telling, so indicative of how bad — really — our politics have become. This is something that most Christian leaders would never have done even a decade ago.” 

Franklin wouldn't allow Stirewalt's comment to go unanswered.

He earlier  said that he is not telling people to vote for or against a party per se, but against being progressive, an idea he claims is the same as being "godless." Of course seeing what political positions both the Democrat and Republican parties choose to define themselves with,  people can safely assume that Graham was speaking in a "wink, wink" type of coding.

Still, he wrote the following statement on Twitter in response to Stirewalt's comment:

It's fascinating that Graham is suddenly this tone, seeing that  he is a proud and outspoken supporter of Donald Trump even to the point of  claiming that God put him in the White House and excusing his breeches in moral behavior. or less-than-Christian verbal attacks on foreign countries.

I guess when it comes to Trump, Graham sees his own Christian faith as it it were a light switch - easy to switch on and off.


-Yul Gist said...

Another insightful commentary from a very talented writer. Thanks again Alvin for bringing to light these important political issues impacting our community.

BlackTsunami said...

Thank you, Yul ;p

Hunter said...

Graham is as much a weasel as anyone else on the "Christian" right.* Their driving forces are not compassion and kindness, but power and influence. This is just another example of their fundamental dishonesty.

* I remember seeing a video of Tony Perkins being called out on his lie about "social science has proven that children do best with their married mother and father" -- I think it was Dan Savage who nailed him in that instance. He sat there like a lizard that had just swallowed a stinkbug, and then changed the subject. Graham's following another of their basic tactics: lie about telling the lie.