Wednesday, May 09, 2018

'LGBTQ community does well in primaries, now on to November' & other Wed midday news briefs

Primaries were held for last night and the winners will move on to November. For all of you "proper peoples" and concern trolls bellyaching about the LGBTQ community being in danger of being one issue voters, go straight to hell. While we should have a diverse desire when it comes to our voting choices, there is nothing wrong with us wanting to get our own elected or at the very least getting pro-LGBTQ candidates elected.  It's time we started being just a tad bit more selfish in that regard.

Antonio Wins Ohio Senate Primary; 10 LGBTQ Candidates Move on to November - LGBTQ candidates and allies were highly successful in Ohio. One of the winners, Rick Neal, has the potential to be Ohio's first gay Congressman. And Nickie Antonio just became the first LGBTQ to serve in the Ohio state senate.

Toxic Republican Loses in West Virginia, But Winner's Anti-LGBT - But in West Virginia . . . 

Family name helps Pence brother win GOP bid for House seat - That nauseating Mike Pence has a brother and he just won the GOP nomination for the Congressional seat which Pence once held.

A Gay Marriage Opponent Just Ousted A GOP Incumbent in North Carolina - And a pastor who wants to vote for judges who would overturn the marriage equality decision won the GOP nomination for Congress. The Democrats got a former Marine running against him.

And according to HRC, these pro-equality candidates won their primaries:

In other news: 

Grandma Smacks Down Son’s Anti-LGBT Nonsense With Perfect Comeback - Handle yo' bizness, grandma! 

Grenell admonishes Germany on Iran deal in first week as ambassador - Trump appoints a gay ambassador, which the religious right doesn't raise even a word of complaint about. This is why. It is also why he was opposed by various LGBTQ organizations. 

Trump’s Ambassador to Germany Stokes Furor Over Iran Just One Day Into Job - More about the above news brief.

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