Friday, May 04, 2018

News brief special - Franklin Graham, evangelical right weaponizing 'religious liberty' to harm same-sex families, steal gay tax dollars

So Franklin Graham thinks that adoption agencies which discriminate against gays should have a right to take gay tax dollars under the lie of "religious liberty"  and "religious freedom."

Kansas governor will sign law making it legal to ban gays & lesbians from adopting - First Oklahoma, now Kansas. "Religious liberty" and "religious freedom" are weapons being used against LGBTQ families, equality, and safety. 

Trump is a Liar, But That Doesn’t Bother the Court Evangelicals - Trump's lies don't bother the religious right because they have use for him. He is their key in attempting to reshape America in their twisted image, and this especially includes curtailing LGBTQ equality. 

Religious Right Cheers Trump Push For Federal Agencies To Fund Religious Groups - Like that crap he signed yesterday. Evangelicals don't care about Trump's lies or how he is ruining the country. They only care about what they want. 

Trump Just Handed a Weapon to Anti-LGBTQ Cretins of Every Stripe with New ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order - More about yesterday's nonsense. 

Most Americans Don’t Want Businesses To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People: Study - The majority of Americans DO NOT want this, but we have make our voices known.

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Scott Lumry - Principle said...

I do not think Franklyn realizes that it is going to be real funny when an organization is formed by GLBTQs to place adoptions with GLBTQ citizens and does a better and more efficient job using his tax dollars than ANY of the religious extremist placement services.