Tuesday, June 05, 2018

'Anti-gay right celebrate, spin tales of evil gays and slavery in wake of SCOTUS decision' & other Tue midday news briefs

Religious Right Ecstatic Over Supreme Court Ruling On Baker Who Refused Wedding Cake For Gay Couple - Of course the religious right has to crow about yesterday at SCOTUS. After all, they still need to fundraise, even at the point of lying about what the baker's victory meant. Don't be put off by their statements of how the decision is the "greatest victory since (feel free to insert)." They do that all of the time they win something.

"Open season on Christians": Hate group leader Tony Perkins says LGBTQ activists are "targeting" Christian wedding vendors - Meanwhile the lies which prop up their game continue and on Fox News where there will be no proper pushback. Notice the language Perkins uses. It's no different than when they say we "recruit" children. It's all about deliberately creating a connotation which paints gays as the "shadowy other" other instead of tax paying Americans, some who are raising families. Of course his lies must be refuted BUT when we don't also draw attention to the language he uses, we fail to properly direct people's attention to the propaganda. 

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch compares an anti-gay baker having to serve a gay couple to “slavery” - Lawd, hammercy. I swear the longer they talk . . . 

These Gay Men Have Spent 30 Years Learning How To Be Long-Term HIV Survivors - These guys are wonderful. Listen to them. 

The Next Generation Of LGBTQ Leaders Is Here - In spite of the madness, we are in good shape. We just need to mentor them well.

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