Tuesday, July 10, 2018

'How will Trump's SCOTUS pick Kavanaugh handle LGBTQ cases?' & other Tue midday news briefs

Brett Kavanaugh

LGBTI and women's groups oppose Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh - Kavanaugh's record on LGBTQ equality is mostly a blank slate but we aren't taking ANY chances. 

Brett Kavanaugh Has GOP Bona Fides, But a Surprising Record - Hmmmm 

Brett Kavanaugh's Opinion On Gay Marriage Is Backed By A Notorious Anti-LGBTQ Group - This happened 13 years ago. Still may be relevant. 

Lesbian group’s anti-trans protest at London Pride backfires - You've heard about that ridiculous transphobic protest at London Pride. Here is how it backfired.

The overshadowed LGBT fight for ‘normality’ - This is a fascinating bit of LGBTQ history.

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