Thursday, July 26, 2018

'Transgender students gain huge court victory, opposition to trans troop ban marks full year' & other Thur midday news briefs

Today marks a year since Trump announced his trans troop ban. It has been a disaster for him.

Full Page USA Today Ad Features Bipartisan Opposition To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban - It's been a full year since Trump announced his ridiculous ban of trans men and women from serving in the military. Since then, the announcement backfired on him to become one of the many embarrassing missteps of his administration. 

Judge's ruling supports Dallas School District's transgender policy - An Oregon school district policy which protects transgender students has been upheld by the courts. Sharing space with transgender students doesn't violate anyone's rights.

This bisexual Russian man could be killed if he’s deported — but an Oregon judge won’t let him stay - The struggle is real and it is worldwide, y'all.

Bryan Fischer’s Answer To Global AIDS Crisis: No Sex For Gay Men - Ah yes. The man who almost singularly got the American Family Association designated as a hate group. 

America’s most self-loathing homosexual blasts ‘the gaying of Fox News’ - Oh for crying out loud . . .

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