Monday, July 23, 2018

'Trump supporting lawmaker tricked into using racial slurs, showing bare (bear) ass on tv show in homophobic display' & other Mon midday news briefs

Or if you want get right to the booty shot:

Ga. lawmaker urged to resign after using racial slurs, dropping pants in TV show - Being tricked into using racial slurs and chasing someone with your bare (bear) ass pointed at them in a homophobic display to "fight terrorists." Or in other words, white folks are still having palpitations from having a black man in the Oval Office for eight years. Cute tushy though.

Michigan attorney general: Anti-LGBTQ discrimination is totally legal - He's running for governor. Surprise! Surprise! 

 Cuba Set To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage - Works for me!

CVS Apologizes After Pharmacist Harasses Trans Customer - Yes you had better. Pharmacists need to do their job or go into another profession.

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