Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Religious leaders calls out hypocrisy of Jeff Sessions' 'religious liberty' task force

How did I miss this?

 Last weekend, religious leaders, Rev. Dr. William Barber and religious speaker, writer, and pastor Jonathan Wilson-Hartgove, appeared on AM Joy and blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions's recently announced 'religious liberty' task force.  Barber, specifically wasn't having it, so to speak. He labeled the idea as hypocrisy in view of Trump's immigration policy. He also said that the task force was only for what he called "Trumpvangelicals."

Also appearing was Robert Jones, CEO with Public Religion Research Institute with some polling data on what people feel about the idea of "religious liberty" as defined by conservative evangelicals, i.e. the right to refuse service to LGBTQs.  Barber was very pointed about how he felt about that concept. He said it was the same rationale that segregationists used against African-Americans.

Hat tip - The New Civil Rights Movement


Frank said...

Where are the progressive religious/christian denominations and the progressive jewish leaders and the muslims and the buddhists and the others? Why are they not speaking out...not just against the RLTF but against the outright audacity of the far right evangelicals to define what is christianity and why they alone deserve to be a protected class and defended from any other belief/non-belief system.

BlackTsunami said...

From what I'v seen and heard, they are speaking out and have spoken out regarding other issues. Only the religious right tends to bogart the issue because they have connections with the media and in DC.