Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Hillary Clinton's seven best reactions to anonymous White House letter & Woodward's book about Trump Administration

There is probably nothing I can say which would take people's attention away from the latest craziness coming from the Trump Administration. This time being an anonymous letter to The New York Times from a senior official claiming that there is an internal group in the White House undermining Trump because he is an absolutely insane incompetent. And that comes on the heels of a book by noted journalist Bob Woodward about the Trump White House, a book depicting Trump as being so vulgar and vicious (and yes, incompetent) that he makes the "Mommy Dearest" incarnation of Joan Crawford look like Maria Von Trapp.

Needless to say, today has created an atmosphere in which things have gotten so crazy for me that I need to take a powder. I apologize for not depicting this blog's usual fare of wrecking anti-LGBTQ propaganda. But I felt the need to allow Hillary Clinton to guest post because I know she has something to say in relation to recent events:

Get it all out of your system, Hillary:

Editor's note - I doubt Clinton is so petty as to loudly proclaim that she warned us about Trump, but would you blame her if she were?

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Bob said...

She wouldn't do that, but it's funny to think she would. I especially love the hair flip!