Tuesday, October 09, 2018

'CA Republican steals transgender veteran's photo for ugly attack ad' & other Tue midday news briefs

Nasty and disrespectful way to treat those who fight for our freedoms.

California Republican steals transgender veteran’s photo for campaign attack - First folks on the opposite side of our equality want to take our tax dollars while discriminating against us. Now they want to exploit our faces and images. Tacky as hell.  

Gay Comedian Sampson McCormick Will Make History on Coming Out Day - Sampson is a wonderful comedian and definitely deserves this honor. McCormick will headline a Coming Out Day event at the National Museum of African-American History in Washington D.C., on Thursday, October 11. The event will celebrate the contributions of black queer art of the Harlem Renaissance; McCormick will be the first LGBTQ comic to ever perform at a Smithsonian museum.  

Black History Month: 5 black LGBT heroes who fought for equal rights - Goes without saying. A few of these folks even I wasn't aware of. 

Victory! Hawai`i Supreme Court Upholds Parenting Rights and Responsibilities of Married Same-Sex Couples - Good news! Under the radar but still good news. 

GLAAD is accepting nominations for its 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards - calling ALL LGBTQ blogs! You can nominate yourself and GLAAD is waiving the admission fee for LGBTQ blogs. As a past recipient of a GLAAD Media Award (that just brought a delightful chill down my spine), I can tell you that even being nominated is a huge honor. And winning is like  . . .  wheeeew!!! It's been over a year and there is a part of me which still isn't down from the high.

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