Thursday, October 04, 2018

'Poll says Americans more likely to shop at business which take a pro-LGBTQ equality stand' & other Thur midday news briefs

Putting $$ where your values are: 68% would shop at businesses that back LGBTQ equality - This kernel of good news got lost in the Kavanaugh mess. Something to put perspective in through the din of overpaid punditry and dismal concern trolling: 

More than two-thirds of Americans say they would be likely to dole out their dollars at businesses that take a public stand for LGBTQ equality, a survey released Wednesday shows. . . . Seven out of 10 Americans also say a federal law is needed to protect LGBTQ people from bias in employment, public accommodations, housing and credit, according to the Harris Poll done in conjunction with Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, a nonprofit dedicated to workplace equality. 

 Across U.S., several colleges open 'clothing closets' for trans students - Even in this climate, all is never lost. Seemingly small acts of kindness reap huge benefits for us all.  

Facebook admits to blocking gay adverts - Shame, shame, shame. 

Trump’s Latest Attack On Same-Sex Couples Is Exactly What His Base Wants - Of course it is. Let's not get discouraged over what we can do, however.

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