Tuesday, October 16, 2018

'Randy Rainbow wrecks Melania Trump's 'Be Best' nonsense & other Tue midday news briefs

Pay attention to Randy Rainbow, brothers and sisters. He is using his queeny cattiness for good. Study and practice it like Green Lantern learned to use his power ring.

FRC attacks the SPLC - Reveals why it is considered a hate group - The Family Research Council accuses the Southern Poverty Law Center of attacking "Christian" parents. Yet another lie from the hate group.

Trump broke all of the promises he made to the LGBTQ community, but the media doesn't care enough to ask why - My post from last night cause I feel that it needs to be repeated and shared. "Promises made, promises kept" my black ass. Trump used the LGBTQ community then has attempt to feed us to the rabid wolves with the cross burned in their fur pelts.

Helping Pediatricians Care for Transgender Children - YES!!  

Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments - PREACH!!

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