Wednesday, October 10, 2018

'TX pastors file silly lawsuit against city over non-discrimination ordinance' & other Wed midday news briefs

Texas pastors file federal lawsuit seeking license to discriminate against LGBTQ people - Someone is a bit too over exuberant over the supposed right-turn of SCOTUS. The irony of this case is that the pastors are suing the city over an ordinance by claiming that it doesn't have certain exemptions for churches. But the ordinance DOES IN FACT contain those exemptions. Get out the popcorn. BTW, I'm not posting this brief to hear portents of doom. Seriously folks, we are a powerful people and we can overcome an obstacle. 

UK Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for Evangelical Christian Baker in ‘Gay Cake’ Case - Now before everyone freaks out and the religious right distorts this case, let's reveal certain facts. The customer wanted a specific message on the cake and the baker refused. That's totally different than not baking a cake in general. 

John Carroll University student column argues against drag show, incites free speech debate - Oh lighten up. There is nothing wrong with a good drag show.  

'Drag kids' are slaying the runway — one 'fierce' look at a time - And I wholeheartedly support the drag kids. Drag performing takes skill, discipline, and extreme talent. Why not teach these things to children at a young age? 

 Perkins and Farris Join Dominionist Pre-Election Event to Boost Religious Right Turnout - A "religious" event led by hate group the Family Research Council designed to trick people into voting for the agenda of an incompetent, loudmouth charlatan who lies more than he breaths . .. and doing it for Jesus.

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