Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Pat Robertson plays the 'Satan card' against the LGBTQ community (again)

Long-time conservative evangelist Pat Robertson attacked the LGBTQ community again on Monday, this time highlighting a ridiculous notion that Satan is behind the transgender community. The only thing which keeps me from fully laughing at the video above is Robertson's age. Part of me would feel guilty at being disrespectful (even though Robertson is spewing hateful bile) while another part of me is angry at those who would put him on television in that condition.

But even so, it's amazing how Robertson has played the" Satan card" over the years when it comes to the LGBTQ community:

March 2012 - Pat Robertson Says Satan is Behind Homosexuality and Abortion Rights

March 2014 -  Pat Robertson: The gay rights movement is Satan's doing

February 2019 - Televangelist Pat Robertson: Satan is spreading rumours that Jesus was gay

And before the LGBTQ community feels too special, remember that Robertson has pulled the "Satan card" in other situations:

April 2006 - Pat Robertson Attack On ‘Satanic’ Muslims Draws Wide Criticism

January 2010 - U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson says Haiti cursed by devil pact

September 2016 - Pat Robertson: Halloween Is Satan Worship

March 2017 - Pat Robertson: Attacks on Trump Are 'Satanic'

It's safe to say that Pat Robertson has mentioned "Satan" more times than comedian Dana Carvey during his stint on Saturday Night Live. However, for those who say "why should we care about that old fossil, Pat Robertson," you should be aware that he is popular with a lot of conservatives. He built a highly successful "Christian" network (The Christian Broadcasting Network) and production company which, even without his direct influence, is seen in millions of homes.

That means via its programs, such as The 700 Club, it influences a lot of people. You may write Robertson off as a senile old man, but ignoring his influence on how the LGBTQ community has been mistreated over the years and continues to be mistreated is a frivolous action, which underscores how so many in our community retreat into our blase shells comprised of  superficial indifference because we don't want to deal with the world around us figuratively burning.

In other words, while Robertson's ramblings do denote his status as an elderly man, there are plenty of younger folks and groups putting his statements into sounder, less doddering actions. And these actions hurt the LGBTQ community. And don't think that his linking us to Satan is also an isolated action.

As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council demonstrates, it's not:

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