Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Anti-LGBTQ activist doesn't realize that she made a spectacle of herself

Anti-LGBTQ activist 'Lorena' of the group MassResistance thinks it was unfair that a councilman tried to kick her out of his office even though she outright accused him of working to legalize pedophilia.

I'm often asked why do I give attention to anti-LGBTQ groups and individuals. One reason is that when some of them are given the spotlight, they make colossal fools of themselves and thereby prove our point about them and their tactics.

A recent incident underscores this fact. MassResistance, a Massachusetts anti-LGBTQ hate group have been on a tear for months about Drag Queen Story Hour. An affiliate of the California chapter recently told the story about meeting with Chula Vista city openly gay councilman, Stephen Padilla. She wanted the city council to pass an ordinance against Drag Queen Story Hour.

The woman, Lorena, and MassResistance would have you to believe that she bravely stood up against a rude bully to the point that he got angry and called the police on her:

One MassResistance mother in Chula Vista, Lorena, a calm but strong-willed woman, has been really taking action. She has testified at just about every City Council meeting, often bringing up the fact that the library has cut reading and literacy programs, yet had the money for Drag Queen Story Hour. She has passed out flyers across town.

. . . this past week Stephen Padilla, who had refused to meet with anyone, agreed to meet with Lorena in his City Hall office. She came, and calmly told him the truth about the Drag Queen Story event. His behavior toward her was disgraceful. He ultimately threw her out of his office and tried to have her removed from City Hall.

However, her own rendition of the incident contradicts that narrative, particularly the part in which she describes how the meeting got out of hand:
I insisted that the city pass an ordinance to make sure that Drag Queen Story Hour never comes back, but he arrogantly declared, "That will never happen!" 
"So, you are going to have future drag queen story hours?" 
"Maybe," Padilla said. 
Over and over, he tried to tell me that Drag Queen Story Hour was accepted everywhere except Chula Vista. That is simply a lie, but he would not allow me to correct him. In fact this program has created much controversy and met with lots of protests in other parts of the country. 
Then I told him this: "Let's finish with this. Drag Queen Story Hour is a step towards legalizing pedophilia, and you are part of it!" 
At this point, Councilman Padilla stood up, got really angry, with a disgusted face. "What are you saying? You are going too far. Let me educate you …" 
But I didn't stop there. 
"Since the 1970s, there've been organizations like NAMBLA …" and I told him about the Ted Talks on YouTube, and there classes at San Diego State University which talk about pedophilia as another sexual orientation. 
Padilla got really upset with me. He even told me that I needed mental help! He didn't want to listen. I didn't care. 
"One more thing," I said. "In 100 years, it won't matter what your political gains are. You will be standing before God …" but by then, he stormed out of his office.

Maybe it's just me but it didn't sound like Lorena was calm at all. Spinning wild claims about Drag Queen Story Hour being a "step" towards legalizing pedophilia and accusing an elected official of being a part of it simply isn't rational. Nor does babbling some nonsense about someone standing in front of God in 100 years.

But if her supposed "calm rationale" and "strong-will" is the story Lorena and Mass Resistance wants to tell . . .

In actuality,  the inability to see when they are making public fools of themselves is par for the course for Mass Resistance and its supporters. In July of last year, the group distorted details about a Drag Queen Story Hour event in Dallas to make it seem that children were being read a sexual book. In actuality, it was a children's book which poked fun at the notion of animals wearing underwear.

So the question isn't why should this be given a spotlight. The question should be why isn't this madness given a large spotlight.  Showing the unashamed inanity of homophobes can only serve to help the LGBTQ community.

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