Monday, January 13, 2020

Trump supporting evangelical Tony Perkins was less cavalier about morality and values when Obama was president

FRC's Tony Perkins
Last week, an organization known as The Lincoln Project came out with a brutal ad spotlighting the hypocrisy that white conservative evangelicals have immersed themselves in with their support of Trump.

On Friday, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins (a prominent Trump supporter) addressed the ad. In doing so, he opened the door for folks to continue to point out the hypocrisy he tried to make excuses for:

. . . what the media and the president's opposition doesn't seem to understand is that evangelicals have never looked at Donald Trump as a role model. They're looking at his record as president. And no one in the modern history of this country has a better one. Whether it's the sanctity of human life or the promotion of religious freedom -- here and around the world -- or the appointment of judges bound to the Constitution, there's absolutely no comparison. What this president has done in the last three years matters. So shouldn't it be relevant to Christians as they vote?

What makes Perkins a hypocrite? Simply the fact that in 2012, his tone was less cavalier about President Obama.

He claimed that voters choose the economy over the moral foundation of the country when Obama was first elected in 2008. He also said that if Obama were to lose in the then upcoming 2012 presidential election, God will give America a "reprieve" from judgment.

Basically, this juxtaposition means that character actually does not count for Perkins and white conservative evangelicals. All that counts is what they want. To them, it's not about morality or Christian values. It's about their interpretation of morality and Christian values. It's about feeding their egos and inflated sense of self-importance.

In the world of Perkins and white conservative evangelicals, an incompetent fool who lies, personally attacks his fellow Americans, and makes a daily mockery of our country is more embraceable than  his scandal-free predecessor who was admired and applauded by millions for his intellect, honesty, and candor because the incompetent fool consistently kisses their asses and puts their interpretation of morality and Christianity on a pedestal, giving it a bright spotlight

What Perkins and company don't seem to comprehend is that in the glare of this spotlight, the world sees the cracks in their interpretation of  morality and Christianity.

These cracks are wide, ugly, and numerous.

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