Monday, March 09, 2020

Black Trump supporter begins Congressional run by accusing gay men of being violent pedophiles

Alveda King's (left) goddaughter Angela Stanton King (right) has copied her homophobia and embarrassing "tomming" for Donald Trump.

Civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis has a challenger for his seat in the upcoming election. Angela Stanton-King is a Trump supporter and the god daughter of a "prominent" black Trump supporter, Alveda King. And she has something in common with both Trump and King.

Like King, she practically oozes homophobia, as evidenced by the tweet she recently sent implying that LGBTQ people are violent pedophiles:

It's bad enough that she sent this. The  fascinating part is that it's a much more graphic version of this:

In another tweet, she makes another false connection to pedophilia, this time mentioning  NBA star Dwyane Wade's trans daughter, Zaya . It's a nasty thing she said and I won't repeat it. For verification's sake though, it can be found here. (Editor's note - just in case girlfriend attempts to delete the tweet, I've already snipped and saved a copy of it.)

According to The New Civil Rights Movement, Stanton-King announced her candidacy on Friday and is claiming to run on a "pro-life" platform, which of course is ironic.

But it gets more interesting. Stanton-King also seems to have copied Trump's penchant for getting into legal trouble, albeit on a more extreme level. According to The Altanta Journal-Constitution:

Stanton-King was recently pardoned by President Donald Trump after her 2004 conviction on federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring. She spent more than two years in prison.

As soon as she was pardoned, according to BET, she made several false statements about President Obama:
 She claimed the 44th President of the United States contributed to locking up Black people via his 2010 Fair Sentencing Act. However, the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act was widely praised by Democrats and Republicans because it reduced the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences and eliminated the mandatory minimum sentence for simple possession of crack cocaine.

Now if I were a speculative person, I would put forth the opinion that her pardon may have had more to do with Alveda King's proximity to Trump than her own merits. But since I do not speculate, I will let other people make that judgment.

Stanton-King will no doubt become the flavor of the month of white conservative publications looking to spotlight their versions of "acceptable" black leaders. Even if she won't even come close to defeating Lewis. I'm sure she will be in competition with her godmother Alveda over the title. But one thing is for sure. She has Alveda's hypocrisy down as witnessed by another tweet she sent:

Yeah, girlfriend. Except for when it comes to bearing false witness against gay men and picking on trans children.


Erin Greene said...

The child is not gay, she's trans. Her utter ignorance on the topic is showing. And if she's trans, she could eventually be a lesbian and wouldn't "enjoy sex with men".

King is the one sexualizing a 12-year old child.

Poor bigot. She's so desperate for attention, she attacks a child?

And then one of the supporting comments prattled about how 'trans women are men who change to have sex with men, and trans men are women who change to have sex with women'.

Completely, of course, ignorant of the fact that many trans women are lesbians and many trans men are gay.

JoeBuddha said...

Goona start calling out the pedophilia nonesense what it is: Blood Libe. Lies told to make LGBT folx lives that much more dangerous.

MEW said...

I am a lesbian mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I have not molested ANY children. I cannot say the same for the straight maternal grandmother and step-grandfather who molested one of my children (grand and great). In the 50+ years I have worked in the child welfare system (or talked to my children's friends), the vast majority have been molested by fathers, step-fathers, and mother's boyfriends. Let's get rid of this "homosexual agenda." There is NO such thing.