Monday, July 20, 2020

Homophobic black conservative comes for John Lewis. Not today, fool!

While the late civil rights movement legend and Congressman John Lewis (first picture) is honored for his service, Jesse Lee Peterson (bottom picture) took it upon himself to attack Lewis and his legacy. Not today, fool!!

Civil Rights legend and long-term Congressman John Lewis passed away last weekend at the age of 80. Tributes from all over poured in to honor this wonderful man who spent a good portion of his life fighting for justice and equality for all people, including the LGBTQ community. And unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, courtesy of right-wing radio host and all-around bozo, Jesse Lee Peterson. Peterson, a black conservative who is the head of a phony organization, makes a name for himself by being saying things about black people which white racists love to hear.

He's a regular Candace Owens with very little charm. And Candace Owens has no charm to begin with.

From Right-Wing Watch:

“I can think of many words to call ex-Congressman John Lewis,” Peterson said. “Hero would not be one. Well, maybe he is a hero, because she [Oprah] is a daughter of Satan and he is a son of Satan, so maybe in that world, he’s a hero in that he pushed evil.” 
“Congressman John Lewis—he dead—was a race hustler, a loser,” Peterson continued. “John Lewis was not a hero. He was a zero, not a hero. … We knew he was a race hustler. He divided the races, he did not unite them, and just because he marched in a rally down in Alabama or Georgia or wherever he was, that doesn’t make him a hero. John Lewis did not do anything to earn becoming a [member of] Congress for so long. He didn’t make things better. He made them worse.” 
“John Lewis did not apologize for dividing the races, for calling America a racist society,” Peterson added. “He was a phony. He was a race hustler. I don’t know where he went when he died, but I do know according to all reports, he dead. But he was not a good man. I don’t know what he said to God before he died, but I know he did not apologize to this country for dividing and lying and doing what he did to America. He used black people for his own personal gain. John Lewis was an evil man.”

Oh really? Let's compare Lewis and Peterson.

Congressman Lewis was one of the main leaders of the African-American civil rights movement. As chairman of SNCC, (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), Lewis spoke at the 1963 March On Washington, participated in many marches, was arrested several times. He participated in the dangerous Freedom Rides and led efforts to organize African-Americans and register them to vote in Mississippi during the 1964's Freedom Summer Project. He was beaten several times, most infamously on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965 during a march. That event was known as Bloody Sunday. He did all of this while in his 20s. Later, he ran for Congress, winning in 1986 and served for 17 terms until his death. While in Congress, he got a lot of things accomplished and spoke out for the rights of all Americans, particularly LGBTQ people. He was called the "Conscience of Congress."

Mr. Peterson, on the other hand, has not done anything responsible with his life. He has made a career out of showing his proverbial ass by mostly making idiotically inane comments such as:

thanking God for slavery,

praising Neo-Nazi podcasters,

claiming the Civil Rights Movement made black people immoral,

claiming racism never existed,

And of course denigrating the LGBTQ community over and over and over again.

The irony is that Lewis would actually defend Peterson's "right" to attack his legacy. That's the type of man he was.

Is there a point to all of this? To me it is. Some folks say ignore Peterson's comments and maybe they have a point. But there are times in which certain people need to be checked, read, and put in their place. They should be knocked down from pegs they think they stand upon and reminded as to their actual places in the world. In other words, certain things should be said when someone as lowbrow and pathetic as Peterson takes it upon himself to attack a man who fought for him to have the ability to act the fool in the first place.

Congressman Lewis was an honest man. He was a good man. Peterson is a two-bit bum who exploits all of the things Lewis fought against. He's not worthy to wipe the brow of Lewis's forehead, nor stand in the shadow of his great image. But he does, whether he admits it or not. And no matter how he jumps around like a fool, shucking and jiving for the extra attention he may or may not get from racists white folks,  he will never be anywhere near the level that Lewis was in American history.

At the very best, Peterson is a joke. And a bad one at that.

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