Monday, September 21, 2020

'Evangelical' hate group trying to distract voters from Trump's COVID-19 incompetence by scaring them about transgender Americans

FRC head Tony Perkins

In between being conveniently silent about how Trump undermined efforts to beat down the coronavirus pandemic and hoping that he picks a conservative justice for SCOTUS, the Family Research Council has found time to spook its supporters about voting. I received the following via an email from the group and president, Tony Perkins:

It goes without saying that none of these hysterical attacks on the Equality Act or transgender men and women are true. One would think if FRC were actually concerned with faith and morality, it and Perkins would have at least commented  once about Trump undermining the pandemic.

However, for a group which places itself on a pedestal as an arbiter of faith and morality, FRC depends a lot on fear.   Why change a successful, albeit hypocritical, formula for a seemingly little thing like integrity?

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