Thursday, October 15, 2020

Anti-gay congressional candidate storms out of interview when 'receipts' are pulled out about her support of QAnon conspiracies

Angela Stanton-King (seen here with Donald Trump) storms out of interview when confronted about her QAnon conspiracy theories.

I do adore this development

 On Wednesday, Angela Stanton-King — a Trump-loving GOP candidate running for the late civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis’ congressional seat in Metro Atlanta — was interviewed by The Guardian‘s Oliver Laughland, and angrily cut short the interview when asked about her past tweets appearing to reference the QAnon conspiracy theory. Believers of QAnon, which holds that Trump is secretly working to bring down a Democratic-controlled ring of cannibalistic, Satanic pedophiles, have dabbled in anti-Semitism and have been flagged as a source of domestic terrorism. As a result, some Republican candidates who have affiliated themselves with it now try to deny their involvement — as Stanton-King tried to do.

As you can see in the tweet below, girlfriend tried Laughland and he pulled out the receipts:

I especially loved this because earlier this year, I had a blow up with Ms. Stanton- King when she accused gay men of being violent pedophiles. 

Ms. Stanton-King learned on that day. Just like she learned Wednesday. And as long as she continues to proudly drape herself in ignorance, she will continue to learn.


DarthTimon said...

It's always entertaining to see the hater crowd taken down a peg or two!

AltEvil said...

That was wonderful! I will raise a glass of adrenochrome to that intrepid interviewer tonight!

DFV said...

She demonstrates the power of uncritical thinking. “It was raining that day” is pure Trumpian thought. To prove it, I think the reporter should have done a bit of research to prove to her face that it did not rain that day

JoeBuddha said...

No, she was TAUGHT. Chances are, she didn't LEARN anything.