Monday, November 16, 2020

LGBTQ Trump supporters get reminded of 'their place' at 'Million MAGA March'

Some LGBTQ people are still under the illusion that Trump supports us.

Last weekend, a few thousand Donald Trump fans went to DC to protest his election loss to former Vice President Joe Biden. Urged on by Trump, these silly folks contended that the election was rigged and thereby stolen from Trump. Of course the only proof they had were bad conspiracy theories and a lot of resentment that the Trump presidency was pretty much over. However, they refused to let that bother them aathey wrapped themselves up in American flags, donned their bright-red MAGA hats and demonstrated their ignorance before God and Man alike.

According to LGBTQNation, two of the organizers of the event were gay Trump supporters:

Brandon Straka, a hairdresser who founded the “Walk Away” movement meant to convince LGBTQ people to abandon the Democratic Party, will co-host a Sunday morning “Rescue America” rally with other third-rate Twitter activists and pundits. Scott Presler, another gay man who has made a name for himself online with his rabid support for President Donald Trump, will speak at the main event on Saturday.

The publication was also quick to point out how these folks were uniting with several not-necessarily LGBTQ supporting groups such as white supremacists, wannabe Nazis, and militia groups. Regardless, apparently Straka, Presler, and any other LGBTQ people supporting Trump actually made it out of the event in one piece. However, something did take place which puts the sad irony of being an LGBTQ Trump supporter on display.
Again, according to LGBTQNation:

A Donald Trump supporter shouted anti-gay slurs at counterprotesters at the “Million MAGA March” in D.C. this weekend. “Fuck all you fa***ts,” the man shouted in the video. The man was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap with orange hair attached – a reference to Trump’s famous hairstyle – and a T-shirt that said “Legal votes matter,” a reference to conspiracy theories that say that Joe Biden won the election because of massive voter fraud, a claim that have been repeatedly debunked by the media, government officials, and the courts.

That's this video below:

He said a lot of other vile things, too. But I will spare you the details. Go over to the article if you want to read his comments, but be forewarned. The man is an idiot. 

I have very little respect for any LGBTQ person who would consciously act to harm one of their own.  You can have that "free thinking," "everyone has a right to their own opinion" bull. This is neither a game nor trivial debate one has in college while beer-drinking with their buddies. This is real.

That awful man is who Straka, Presler, and LGBTQ Trump supporters have chosen to align themselves with. They probably don't care because they are either seeking spotlight and fame or are so wrapped up in whatever bizarre mindset they are carrying that reality can't seem to crack their aura of stupidity.

But the rest of us see. And we're not going to forget any time soon.

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