Monday, January 11, 2021

'FRC's Tony Perkins blames Capitol riots on supposed removal of God in public life' & other Mon midday news briefs


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins

Hate group leader blames the Capitol riots on a lack of “polite conversation” & God in politics - The Family Research Council supported Trump, made excuses for his behavior, and now pretends they didn't have a hand in causing the attack at the Capitol.

#GaysOverCovid: Maskless parties lead to rift within LGBTQ community - Yes it has because they are bunch of selfish SOBs. 

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Critical Dragon 1177 said...

Black Tsunami,

"Amid coup chaos, Trump quietly erases LGBTQ protections in adoption, health services"

Thankfully anything that Trump does by executive order, Biden can undo by executive order.