Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Pray with the anti-LGBTQ religious right? You must be out of your mind.


I got this form email from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council: 

 If you are following the record number of executive orders that the Biden administration has issued during their first week in office, then you know how important it is that we pray and stand. The measures range from canceling the Keystone pipeline and shutting down oil production to imposing trangenderism upon our military and America's schools. 

 Tonight we will pray for our nation -- specifically, for the men and women who serve in our nation's military and their families who will be impacted by the executive orders aimed at using the military to advance a radical social agenda. We will also pray for our nation's media, that any deceit designed to misguide the American people will be exposed and new sources of information that will speak the truth will be elevated in this critical time. Please join me  . . . along with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin and former pastor and congressman Mark Walker, at  . . .  s we seek to hear and obey the voice of God and walk in His ways. He is our only hope!


God forbid Perkins prays for honesty, understanding, and little bit more kindness in the world. His prayers fall strictly in the political realm.

This is the same Tony Perkins who lied last night about how Biden canceling the Keystone Pipeline is costing ten of thousands of jobs while trying to pass off a junk science report he had a hand in creating as legitimate work from the Department of Defense.

The same Tony Perkins who signed a letter not that long ago spreading the lie that Biden's electoral win was fraud. 

The same Tony Perkins who called LGBTQ people pawns of the devil and leads an organization whose mission is to make our lives miserable at every turn.

When he says God is our only hope, just who is he talking about?

Chyle please. I wouldn't bother to  squint my eyes around Perkins and his ilk or even stoop to pray around them. Not even a little bit.

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