Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Religious right leader ignores facts to assert that he isn't ashamed of supporting Donald Trump

Donald Trump is gone. He is no longer president. In his place is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. With their ascension comes optimism that America can repair all of the damage Trump caused over a course of four years.

But he is not without his defenders. Chief amongst them is anti-LGBTQ hate group the Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins. Perkins took it upon himself to praise Trump in long diatribe saluting not only the former president, but the members of his administration who  stayed until Biden took over so that they could add last minute policy changes and rules.

These policy changes and rules include a  ridiculous piece of something attacking trans athletes here, something enshrining the right-wing bastardization of "religious freedom" there, and a bit about abortion sprinkled throughout. Hopefully now that Biden has taken over, these policy changes and such will be eliminated. However, they are a  good personification of the relationship which Trump had with religious conservatives these past four years. It had nothing to do with integrity or values.  It was all about what Perkins and company wanted, what Trump gave them,  and what he got in exchange. He gave them the bigoted legislation and policies and the conservative judges they wanted and they kissed his butt as if it were a holy relic left over from Jesus' crucifixion.

The last part of Perkins' cloying piece is especially nauseating:

 . . . while the media and far-Left drone on about how ashamed Americans should be for supporting this president, I refuse to be. This administration wasn't just about one man -- it was about thousands of people living out their conviction for us. They leave these four years exhausted, but they should also leave them proud. Because regardless of how the chapter ended, the story of what they achieved matters. 

 Really Tony? You refuse to be ashamed of supporting Trump simply because of what you were able to get from him. Let's talk about the costs of a Trump administration:

This video should probably be considered irrelevant 

if you think  that 400,000 deaths from COVID thanks to Trump's incompetence is irrelevant to a proclamation on the National Sanctity of Human Life Day 2021. Because apparently saying that you're "pro-life" always outweighs actually doing the work which saves lives,

if you think that it's perfectly fine to support a leader who has told over 30,000 lies if he makes it allowable for "faith-based" groups  to discriminate against the LGBTQ community while receiving our tax dollars, and

if you think that the 26 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct don't matter because his administration pushes anti-transgender rules based upon the false notion that trans women have an unfair advantage against cis women in sporting events. 

Perkins doesn't have to be ashamed of his support of Trump. The rest of us have enough shame for him. And history will definitely heap on more.

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