Tuesday, April 13, 2021

1992 episode of Donahue talk show highlights the fury of past gay rights debates



This video is dedicated to those who don't remember how it was for LGBTQ people back in the day before we became more "popular" than we were before, was too young to know, or wasn't born yet. This 1992 episode of Donahue was fire as our folks and members of the religious right went back and forth about gay pride parades and pro-LGBTQ ordinances. You'll notice how some anti-LGBTQ arguments have fallen by the wayside while others remain with us. Also, back then diversity wasn't a strong suit in either community. But mostly if what you see and hear gets you angry, simply console yourself with the fact that things have moved considerably in our favor since 1992.

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bt1138 said...

Brings it all back.

One small little marker: "Family Values". -->We got 'em, you don't!

Those were the days.