Thursday, April 15, 2021

Putting Parents in Jail and Conducting Genital Checks - Anti-Transgender Legislation Just Got More Deranged

Over the past few days, this spate of bills throughout the country targeting transgender kids has sunken to a level of surreal vulgarity.  The narrative has moved from one of "protecting women's sports and children" (which it never was about anyway) to eradication and humiliation.

In Texas, they are considering a bill which would punish parents for supporting their transgender children. 

According to LGBTQnation:

Texas’s S.B. 1646 would redefine child abuse to include “consenting to or assisting in the administering or supplying of, a puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child,” as well as other gender-affirming health care procedures, even though puberty blockers are reversible and have been found to significantly reduce suicidal thoughts for trans people.

This bill has been receiving a lot of negative attention and most recently, a speech by a Texas mom, Amber Briggle, in front of the Texas legislature went viral. Biggle tearfully asked legislators not to pass this bill because it would put her at risk for supporting her transgender son. You can see the speech in the above video.

 And as bad as it looks in Texas, Florida made things worse with its anti-trans bill.

According to MSN:

The GOP-led Florida House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 70-44 along party lines to pass HB 1475, which would ban transgender female athletes from competing on women’s athletic teams in both high school and college while subjecting some students-athletes to “genital inspections” before they can play. Also called the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” the measure effectively states that student-athletes who were biological males at the time of their birth cannot compete on women’s athletic teams. Student-athletes born biological females may still compete on male or female teams. According to the legislation, disputes regarding a student’s sex under the law would be resolved with a “health examination and consent form” verifying the student’s biological sex.

The Hill goes into more detail:

"A dispute regarding a student's sex shall be resolved by the student's school or institution by requesting that the student provide a health examination and consent form or other statement signed by the student's personal health care provider which must verify the student's biological sex,” says the bill, which provides for “routine sports physical examination” of students’ reproductive organs, genetic makeup or testosterone levels.

In other words, if someone challenges an athlete's gender in accordance to bill (should it become law) than the student would have to submit to a genital check.  That's simply nasty, not to mention humiliating on so many levels. The bill now goes to the state senate.

All of this anti-trans legislation was meanspirited to begin with. But now, it's just out of control. I don't know if this was the goal of those who wrote and proposed this legislation, but here we are.

I'm scared to contemplate what's going to happen next. There is no other place to go but lower.

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