Monday, May 17, 2021

You cannot fool us, Franklin Graham. We saw you sell out your 'faith' to Donald Trump

Spare us any of your criticism of Donald Trump, Franklin Graham. They are too little and much too late.

Now that Donald Trump is no longer president (Thank God!) certain people are trying to recast their fawning praise of him when he was polluting the Oval Office.  Certain people like Franklin Graham. 

According to the Huffington Post

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, who has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters among the religious right, hit the former president with a reality check over his 2024 election chances. “I think for him, everything will depend on his health at that time. If he still has energy and strength like he does. I don’t,” 

Graham told Axios, adding: “You know the guy does not eat well, you know, and it’s amazing the energy that he has.” Graham added that Trump seems to have lost 15 pounds. “So he might be in good health and in good shape,” he said. “I don’t know.” 

 And Graham apparently said more than that. Now he is being critical of Trump's demagogue-like behavior of smearing the press. In the same interview with Axios, according to The Wrap:

Rev. Franklin Graham admitted in a new interview that his pal, former President Donald Trump, shouldn’t have gone after the press the way he did. 

 “I would never have said that. I think it’s hurt him. I think it built a wall. I think it created animosity when it shouldn’t have. Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re your enemy,” Graham said in a sit-down with Axios

 Mike Allen pressed the reverend, who has been a longtime supporter of Trump’s, on whether the one-term president’s attacks on the press were a mistake. “No question about it,” said Graham, the son of Christianity Today founder Billy Graham.

Oh Franklin, you two-faced, hypocritical bastard. 

I wish the interviewer would have pressed Graham on why he didn't take a public stand against Trump even though we probably already know the answer.  It's the same reason why Graham either defended Trump or remained silent during his Covid pandemic botching, his numerous lies, the teargassing of the protestors during his Bible-holding photo op, the storming of the Capital on Jan 6, his constant lies of a rigged election, etc, etc etc.

Back then, Trump was some use to Graham. He was putting conservative judges on the bench which Graham hoped would rule in ways that enhanced the lie that America is a Christian evangelical nation. But now that Trump is no longer president, the dream is over. Graham is cutting his losses and focusing on what he has gained while Trump was in office. He's like Wesley Snipes in that motion picture New Jack City pouring a bottle of wine on his soon-to-be ex-wife while disdainfully proclaiming, "Cancel that bitch. I'll buy another one."

Graham is also probably focusing on what moves he can make to get in good with the "new model." In other words, when the 2024 primary season rolls around, don't be surprised when a certain leading GOP presidential candidate (probably DeSantis) begins to receive the same sycophantic praise below which Graham gave to Trump during his tenure in office. 

Don't act so shocked. It's all for sale in America. Including the cross Jesus was crucified on.

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