Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Religious right author claims COVID-19 is God's punishment for attempted 'recruitment' of kids by LGBTQ community

Religious right author William Koenig claims that God is punishing America with the COVID-19 pandemic because LGBTQ people are allegedly trying to recruit children. 

It was bound to happen. The LGBTQ community has been blamed for the coronavirus pandemic. The religious are always blaming us for calamities, natural disasters, etc. so this is not a surprise. Except for the fact that it took so long.

From Right Wing Watch:

End Times author William Koenig was a guest on Jan Markell’s “Understand The Times” radio program Sunday, where he claimed that the global COVID-19 pandemic was the judgment of God on the United States for its tolerance of the LGBTQ community. Koenig has built a career out of chronicling the ways in which God supposedly sends natural disasters to America as punishment for failing to stand with Israel, which was precisely what he blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on last year. 

But on Sunday, Koenig asserted that the pandemic was now God’s judgment for American culture being “so pro-LGBT.” When Markell said that LGBTQ activists are trying to get children to “question their sexuality so they can be groomed and be evangelized,” Koenig readily agreed.

“I really sense that COVID is part of the judgment,” Koenig said. “We had a national shutdown last summer. We had every major sports league that favored the LGBT agenda, that even took on states for their bathroom bills. When you think about Hollywood was shut down. We thought fashion was shut down. Retail was shut down. All these areas that were so pro-LGBT, the COVID shut them down, and I don’t know if they’ll ever recover.”

 “Don’t touch the children,” he continued. “This crosses the line. It is tragic to see what they’re doing, and our God is going to respond even greater. This is judgment. This is a pattern of judgment. Everything about this fits the pattern of judgment; I’m sorry, there’s no other way to put it.”

It goes without saying how much nonsense Koenig is full of. I have a couple of ways to put it but I can't voice any of them without being vulgar.  (Okay, I got one - I wonder who Koenig blames his face on. No offense, that is one ugly man. Aaaaand I'm done.)


JoeBuddha said...

Gotta love the sneer...

JoeBuddha said...

And actually Covid is God's punishment for worshipping Trump instead of Jesus.