Thursday, October 14, 2021

Homophobic ad comes across as demented episode of 'Leave It To Beaver'

According to LGBTQNation, there was a small controversy with the above homophobic ad released earlier this year. Recently, conservatives were claiming that YouTube had deleted it. If this were the case, they have been thanking YouTube.

The ad is the usual fearmongering nonsense which implies that anything which doesn't look at America through a white heterosexual gaze is somehow dangerous to children. Aside from lies that legitimate debates about racism are anti-white, the ad also pushes ugly beliefs about the LGBTQ community. It claims that trans girls are trying are cheating cis girls in sports and that LGBTQ people are "indoctrinating" children, making sure to omit the simple fact that we are raising children too. 

And while these lies should be enough to get one angry, the ad itself  is simply strange in a brainsick sort of way. 

For one, some are accusing the star of the ad (who portrays the husband) of giving a "trying so hard to be heterosexual that you just know that he is gay" vibe. Far be it from me to spread such rumors, but I will say that he comes across as a bizarro Ward Cleaver in a demented episode of Leave It to Beaver

The ad itself tries too hard in creating a ridiculously romanticized-to-death idea of America - the white, upper middle class motif,  the man referring to his wife as 'hot stuff' (By the way, she doesn't talk or do anything else except lurk in the background like a good Stepford Wife), the 2.5 children (Two boys, one girl), and the obscenely enormous American flag placed at the front of the house. The only thing missing is Fox News playing in the background.  And I didn't even mention the husband making one of his "sons" in video do the "truffle shuffle"  (Which is comprised of the little boy standing on a chair,  baring his stomach, and attempting to jiggle it. Just how are LGBTQ people a danger to children again?)

So apparently us LGBTQ people are a danger to "values" like this? If that were true, we should get a medal. On second thought, a medal and a postage stamp in our honor.

Hat tip to LGBTQNation

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Frank said...

"Get married, have babies, protect our kids" Heteros don't have a corner on that...I know several gays and lesbians who have done that too.