Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dear Dave Rubin, the LGBTQ community doesn't owe you a d@mn thing. You're getting exactly what you deserve.

Dave Rubin is the victim of his own opportunistic nature.

For those who have been keeping up, prominent conservative Dave Rubin has been catching hell from other conservatives and Republicans. Earlier this year, he and his husband announced that they are going to be parents. Needless to say that his allies didn't approve and they let him know by throwing at him the same vitriol they have slung so many times at the rest of us LGBTQ people.

And bear in mind that Rubin isn't simply a gay conservative. He has on several occasions amplified various racists:

Rubin has been cultivating an intolerant audience for several years, with his talk show The Rubin Report functioning as a cushy platform for hate-mongers like Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos, a safe space where all the questions are softballs. According to Rubin, his show is "a hub for misunderstood or canceled people or to-be-canceled people to express themselves honestly."Rubin has previously compared progressivism to a “mental disorder,” and through his talk show, attempts to push the idea that leftists and liberals are the real bigots, and that conservatives are more accepting of dissent.

He has also amplified right-wing lies about gays "grooming" children and personally slurred other prominent LGBTQ people (such as when he referred to House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as a 'black lesbo').

It goes without saying that this extreme brush with the homophobia of folks on his side has not been a learning experience for Rubin. And a recent comment he made underscores that. 

According to Mediaite:

Dave Rubin finally commented on the backlash he received following the announcement that his husband, David Janet, and he are expecting two children via surrogate later this year. Speaking with The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens on her show, Rubin was asked about how he handled all the naysayers. 

 “How — what was it like going through it?” Owens asked. 

 Rubin replied, “All of the tolerant lefties were seemingly so thrilled to tell me how the people on the right hated me. It’s like, ‘Well, are you guys showing me tolerance?’ I didn’t get any love or affirmation from you guys.

 I could go into detail about the article omitting all of the ugly stuff  Rubin has said about LGBTQ people, but I was - and continue to be - amazed by his audacity and mistaken belief of privilege. When he goes into the usual tired conservative narrative about the "intolerance of the tolerate left," you know that he also means LGBTQ people. That gets me angry. 

More than that, it pisses me off to the "highest level of pissivity."

Dave Rubin makes his money siding with a group of homophobes and contributes to slandering LGBTQ people. But suddenly we are supposed to flock to him and give him support when his own allies do to him what they have done to other LGBTQ people? He is obviously out of his damn mind if he thinks we should follow that narrative.

Hell yeah, we're laughing at him because he's getting what he deserves. Granted, I think he has a right to have a family with his husband. It's one of the rights LGBTQ folks have fought for and continue to fight for. But it's downright insulting that he wants to ignore how much his actions and statements - which will no doubt pay for the surrogacy of his children  - has led to the undermining of other LGBTQ people getting our rights, including the right to have a family.

And what's even more insulting is that he wants us to also ignore this fact.. He has got one hell of a nerve.

Don't try to disguise what Rubin is doing with nonsense about "having a debate," "being intolerant" or anything thing else which conservatives have reduced to argumentative gibberish and gaslighting.

Let's call this for what it is

Dave Rubin is a trifling, no-account opportunist trying to run a game to get paid and he's getting burned  No one in the LGBTQ community owes Dave Rubin anything except  maybe the marshmallows for the bonfire emanating from the torches conservatives are figuratively putting him to.

We don't owe him a defense, any pity, not even a small drop of concern. He spits in our faces by amplifying the lie that the LGBTQ people are evil while simultaneously taking advantage of the hard work the community has done to put him in a position to legally marry and have children. 

In my humble opinion, Dave Rubin knows where he can go and also what he can kiss.

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Scott S said...

There was actually a time I watched Dave Rubin (along with his original gay co-host Ben Harvey on the "The Ben and Dave Show" when they were two teenagers from Long Island, New York) back in the day, but I remember very distinctly when he started on his pro-conservative pivot which was little more than a money-grab which brought him many, many more listeners/viewers and a loss of most of his original listeners. That said, his switch was contradicted by his own previous statements and anyone who listened were left pretty confused. I stopped listening. In the end, he's an opportunist looking to line his own pockets, but apparently he's not so bright because he's catering to people who would rather see him dead and are willing to turn on him rapidly. Dave is now reaping what he sowed.