Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Drag queen 'reads Marco Rubio to filth' for implying that he is indoctrinating kids

Footage from a campaign ad by Marco Rubio. One of the drag queens featured in the ad calls Rubio out for lying and fear tactics instead of helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

GOP Florida senator Marco Rubio is in a tight re-election campaign against Congressional Representative Val Demings (also from Florida). It's probably why Rubio ran an outrageous ad accusing the Democratic Party (or as he calls them, "the radical left) of  wanting to "destroy America" by "indoctrinating children, trying to turn boys into girls, and allowing 'illegal aliens' and drugs to flood the country." 

Rubio's ad consists of footage from Drag Queen Story Hour, an event which sends conservatives into orbit with false accusations of LGBTQ people wanting to 'sexually groom' children. The drag queen featured in Rubio's ad, Lil Miss Hot Mess, did not appreciate Rubio of implying that he is trying to 'indoctrinate' children. And he makes Rubio the subject of what's called a "reading." That's a time-honored tradition in the LGBTQ community done when someone in or out of the community has to be "reminded" that the level they think they're on is way above where they actually are.

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