Thursday, May 25, 2023

Target Boycott Follies - Matt Walsh wants you to buy his baby dolls. Victim of Target boycott sees increased sales

Anti-LGBTQ culture warrior (and James Bond villain wannabe) Matt Walsh wants to you to help his fight against the anti-LGBTQ community by buying a plush, infantilized version of himself.

This right here proves that all of this stuff coming from people like Matt Walsh about saving kids from "LGBTQ influence" is merely a money-making tactic. The attacks on trans healthcare, the boycott against Bud Light, and the present boycott against Target is all one big grift. It's all about rage posting to monetize hate.  It's been successful for Walsh as he has devoted books, documentaries, and social media posts smearing our community as threats to kids and society at large.

Now he's going into the baby doll business.

In the words of actor Samuel Jackson, that right there is some repugnant sh!t. It's probably the single most creepy mess I will see this year. In all honesty though, I'd rather buy an adult version of a Matt Walsh doll. That way, I could bang it against the wall every time I heard him say something especially vile.

Speaking of the boycott against Target, one person being victimized by the social media right-wing campaign is now benefitting from it.

Erik Carnell is a trans designer whose merchandise was pulled at Target after people spread false stories about how it was Satanic and being marketed through kids by the store. Carnell, via his brand Abprallen, does have merchandise with has pentagrams and horned skulls. And some do reference Satan. But none of it is sold at Target.  

However, this inconvenient fact was ignored by folks on social media, like all things which don't fit their narrative. They at first spread the lie about how Target was marketing pro-trans swimwear to kids and when that was refuted, they are now claiming that the store is marketing Satanic material for Pride Month. 

The lie led Target to remove Carnell's items from their stores.

 Target's Pride collection included more than 2,000 products from clothes and music to home furnishings, and while several are under review the only ones removed so far from its website and stores are from Carnell's brand Abprallen.

However, the sales of his overall merchandise have actually increased.

While support for his products from Target disappeared, the Abprallen store has seen an outpouring of support. According to the store's Etsy message, Carnell has seen an "unprecedented number of orders" since the backlash began. 

 "Your support during this extremely difficult time means more than I can express," Carnell posted after placing the shop on a temporary hiatus. "I am putting my shop on holiday mode and not accepting new orders until I catch up on the ones I currently have. Thank you so much for your understanding!"

It's ironic how social media wannabees exploited Carnell to attack Target but now they are the ones being exploited. Not only is Carnell getting a lot of media attention because of their actions but he seems to also be getting many allies on Twitter. They are bombarding threads which attack him with links to where to buy his merchandise:


If you ask me, Carnell's merchandise, while not suited to my tastes, is a whole lot LESS creepy than a Matt Walsh baby doll.

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