Thursday, June 08, 2023

Pat Robertson was a hateful SOB unworthy of respect

 Religious right forefather Pat Robertson died on Wednesday, so allow me to get to the chase.

He was a hateful son of a bitch. A bigoted monster used his power and influence to make life more difficult for LGBTQ people. And don't even start whining that I am attacking him simply because I didn't share his religious beliefs. That's bull. Pat Robertson was a monster. An evil bastard who reduced Christianity to a petty weapon which he used to bash LGBTQ people every chance he got. He is a shining example of how some on the right use their supposed faith as a cover to justify or excuse some of their ugliest prejudices against LGBTQ people.

But I do take solace in the fact that he is yet another enemy of LGBTQ people who we have outlasted. It's something to remember as we face the newest challenges to our equality and God-given right to self-determination. 

 Below are various examples of awful things Pat Robertson said about LGBTQ people such as when he claimed we infect people with AIDS via special rights, we recruit kids, parents should treat their gay sons like drug addicts, and his constant whining about anal sex.

 This was a demagogue. This was a terrible man who hurt people by his words and influence. I defy anyone to tell me that he was a man of God.




Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist and I'm glad he's worm food.

editor,unicornhorn@gmail,com said...

I was always taught to only speak good of the dead, Pat Robertson is Dead, GOOD!

Anonymous said...

When the Evangelical menace is brought to heel, America will be free.

Gene Perry said...

Mama says, "Always say something nice about the dead."

So, Pat Robertson. He's dead. That's nice.

Critical Dragon 1177 said...


Rebecca Watson does not mince words regarding this horrible man