Monday, June 10, 2024

LGBTQ History - The 'Sissy' Stereotype in Classic Hollywood

For Pride Month 2024, I am going to post a segment every now and then on LGBTQ history because frankly I think a lot of folks - particularly our younger generation - are taking things for granted. Back in the day, I ran a feature every Friday on this blog called Know Your LGBT History. Its point was to spotlight the past portrayals of LGBTQ history in film and television no matter whether they be positive or negative.

In the spirit of that segment, I'm featuring this video about the "Sissy Stereotype in Classic Hollywood."

"In a time when homosexuality was illegal, 1930s Classic Hollywood films commonly had so-called “sissy” characters. Clearly coded as gay, their effeminate demeanor was presented for laughs and ridicule. While these characters were meant to be mocked, they triumphed in their own way. They were bold in expressing their identity, were typically engaged in careers they were passionate about, and lived how they pleased, without caring what anyone thought of them."

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