Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to scare the bejesus out of Christians with a failed game plan

When I saw this Family Research Council graphic about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA - which would simply provide workplace protection for lgbts), it reminded me of something that I couldn't put my finger on.

Then, thanks to People for the American Way, it hit me. Remember this:

That graphic was featured during a Congressional debate over hate crimes legislation (although not the last one) and it claimed that if sexual orientation was added to existing hate crimes legislation, pastors would be arrested in the pulpits for declaring homosexuality to be a sin.

As we all know, sexual orientation was added to hate crimes legislation last year and since that time, guess how many pastors have been arrested?

None. Nada. Zip. Not even that zany preacher on the corner in my neighborhood who gives sermons to the rush of traffic.

In other words, religious right groups told an outright lie when they claimed that hate crimes legislation would lead to the arrest of pastors.

Now usually when someone tells a tale which turns out to be false, they have the good taste not to use the same lie in a different battle.

But good taste has never been the religious right's forte.

According to People for the American Way:

You really have to marvel at the Religious Right's strategy in opposing ENDA as they seem intent on using the exact same playbook they used against hate crimes legislation despite the fact that their anti-hate crimes strategy failed and their dire predictions about hate crimes spelling the end of religious liberty have been proven demonstrably false.

How long will it be before legitimate Christians realize that the Family Research Council and other religious right groups are running a game on them with their constant cries of wolf?

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Marlene said...

That's easy, Alvin... it's because the religious reicht are masters of propaganda and fearmongering! They've been doing it since before the Civil War, during the fight for suffrage, the battle over Jim Crow and segregated schools, a woman's right to choose, and of course equal rights for TLBGs and marriage equality.

It's also due to the fact that in conservative faiths, discussion, debate, and especially questioning of doctrine is expressly frowned on, usually with the threat of disfellowship or excommunication against any and all who dare defy the leader. This means you have a congregation of sheep who believe that everything the pastor says is gospel and from the mouth of god himself.

Luckily, there is a new generation of real Christian leaders who know the truth. Just like most the previous generation who got to know racial minorities and knew what their parents told them about blacks and Asians were misstatements and irrational fears, these new leaders grew up with TLBG kids in their school or have openly TLBG family, and know what they've been told about us were also misstatements and irrational fears.

This new generation is more focused on the environment, and poverty - not worried about gay men and lesbians in bed together and raising kids. This is purely a generational divide.

Yes, we do have Christian youth who's been filled with the reicht's propaganda and are good little goosesteppers in the culture war. Hopefully, they're going to be few and far between.

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Wade@MacMorrighan.Net said...

Ummmm....why, when it comes to legal protections against ill-favored minorities to Christians, each and every time, attempt to declare (fallaciously) that it will strip them of the free exercise of their religion? Since when was bigotry an "exercise" of Christianity? And, if they were that damned-scared about it, each and every time, why didn't they try to take it to the SCOTUS, 'eh?

It seems like they specialize in fear-mongering, rather than any sort of a logical debate!

h, and don't forget: A recent Preacher tried to martyr himself within the past several months when he went to DC proclaiming how "sinful" we Gay folks are, hoping to get arrested and prove Christians' fears!

Buffy said...

Chris Hedges pegged their type perfectly.