Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's play the game of "spank the homophobe"

The person who I talked about in my last post - who by the way is a member of the Truth4Time site - can't seem to take a hint.  He didn't exactly appreciate me mocking him. Subsequently, he sent me a long post and dared me to publish it.

I will, with a few additions of my own. Now I have given the poor child the initials of LTP. Never mind why. LOL


I dare you Alvin to post my response... lets see if you are as open minded as you people say you are.

 My friend - "Homophobe", "sad ignorant fool", subpar intelligence"..."nice" (sarcastic).. insults, typical of the responses from this kid of crowd... well, here is an education on facts:

First… there is no "gay gene".... if you are a homosexual you were not born one, you are made, a fact explained by geneticists like Dr. Neil E. Whitehead PhD in YouTube:

Type in the search box: [ Dr. Neil Whitehead answers, "Is there a gay gene?"]

Dr. Neil says that even after decades of looking:“ No statistical significant gene has been found, and they even looked at the whole human Geno…”

Another is large “Identical Twins Studies” in the Netherlands and Holland also prove homosexuality not to be genetic, since only less than 10% of the time if one identical twin is gay the other one is also gay, meaning 90% of the time if one is gay the other is not… in a situation were b-o-t-h beings (the twins) are genetically identical, and cooked in the mothers belly at the same time (under the same hormonal environment).

Even England's leading gay activist Peter Tatchell recently stated that: "Homosexuality isn’t natural. Ignore those researchers who claim to have discovered a ‘gay gene’, gay desire is not genetically determined". (Spiked, Tuesday 24, 2008).

My answer - First of all, my friend, you didn't give any information on Dr. Neil Whitehead.  Whitehead is a member of the discredited group NARTH (National Organization for  the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality). No one in the scientific community takes that organization seriously because it pushes "reparative therapy" - the false notion that homosexuality is a condition which can be changed. According to Truth Wins Out:

NARTH relies on outdated studies and frequently confuses stereotypes with science. Dr. Nicolosi, for example, often tells audiences that people are gay because they have a rift with a same-sex parent or a have domineering opposite sex parent. It has been decades since any serious scientific body subscribed to these views and there is no contemporary research to uphold these anachronistic theories. Yet, NARTH’ co-founder Dr. Joseph Nicolosi repeats the empty mantra, “We advise fathers, if you don’t hug your sons, some other man will.”

 . . . NARTH also has bizarre theories, such as encouraging male clients who drink Gatorade and call their friends “dude,” because this will supposedly make them more masculine. Dr. Nicolosi also espouses the bizarre idea that, “Non-homosexual men who experience defeat and failure may also experience homosexual fantasies or dreams.”

In 2006, NARTH had a meltdown after two major controversies. In the first, psychiatrist Joseph Berger, MD, a member of their “Scientific Advisory Committee,” wrote a paper encouraging students to “ridicule” gender variant children. “I suggest, indeed, letting children who wish go to school in clothes of the opposite sex–but not counseling other children to not tease them or hurt their feelings,” Dr. Berger wrote on NARTH’s website. “On the contrary, don’t interfere, and let the other children ridicule the child who has lost that clear boundary between play-acting at home and the reality needs of the outside world. Maybe, in this way, the child will re-establish that necessary boundary.”

 In the second controversy, Gerald Schoenwolf, PhD, also a member of NARTH’s “Scientific Advisory Committee,” wrote a polemic on the group’s website that seemed to justify slavery.

Two years ago, a member of NARTH's board, George Rekers, had to resign after being caught coming from a European vacation with a male escort.

But even without your citation of NARTH, your entire claim about a "gay gene" is merely a tactic for you to attempt to control the argument.

The ramblings of a poor, obsessed homophobe for your enjoyment and pity

Far be it from me to put someone in a spotlight as a subject of derision to be made fun of, but this child deserves it.

He kept sending me messages on the Signorile video until I blocked him, so he took the time to send me this long rambling message. This is sad homophobia defined.

Just read and understand the ignorant mindset behind some people's reasonings of why they treat us lgbtqs like freaks:

.. you blocked my responses to your post Alvin in YouTube, but I am not surprised, people like you want to block the Truth, to silence it like Chris Mathews even said in his video.

No matter, here it is anyway...

Do you know what it will take for a t-r-u-l-y better world to happen? Brutal honesty, and then Responsible Behavior from everyone! It will take for every single person to look at their lives, identify what they are doing wrong, and correct it, no excuses, ...none!

And what is correct and what is wrong behavior? Easy, look at the outcomes of the action, and then it becomes clear as daylight. And we all have flaws, things we need to work on, we assume too much, we care too much about our own selves and not enough for others, we pursue material things when we should we working more on our own selves, we consume too much, we rape the land too much, we neglect one another, we indulge on physical pleasures too much, when we should be more spiritual and protect and not abuse our bodies, and on and on.

And of course, out of those many flawed lives, many negative "side-effects" blossom, like children raised in neglectful environmental/dysfunctional/abusive environments, hell... some of the people having children are themselves children! Many children (like the case of homosexuals) are atrophied by those bad environments, and make the incorrect Gender Identification, or what is called Gender Identity Disorder in Philology, which later blossoms into full homosexuality. Remember, there is no “gay gene”.

My problem with people like you is that the dysfunction you have you seem to try justify it, to excuse it, when in reality if you look at it... A-L-L of it, it is clearly a bad behavior. High disease rates, high mortality rates, high cost to the individual and society, unstable relationships, physical damage to the body due to the erroneous sexual acts, and on and on... and on! It is all here: (Editor's note - the poor child supplied his page but I refuse to give it out. I've seen it and it's the same cherry-picked or discredited junk science we have seen repeatedly but ths time grouped together in one sad package. The young man obviously took so much work in gathering together his statistics that he didn't read them thoroughly or derive where they came from. A little note, my friend. There is no such thing as "gay bowel syndrome." Dumb ass.)

You tell the doctors that have to deal with the many diseases being spread in the population more and more by highly sexually promiscuous homosexuals, since many of homosexuals happen to be asymptomatic, carrying disease most are not even aware of, but are spreading it on to others thanks to your reckless sexual behaviors that homosexuality is good... go on and tell them...

You go on and tell the taxpayer that the health care cost going higher and higher every year due to more and more homosexuals (and other liberals as well) doing reckless sexual behaviors, causing more people to get sick with preventable disease it is a good thing... you go ahead... you tell them (just look at the HIV cost numbers in Canada in that webpage)...go ahead tell them...

Wrongs are wrong, no matter how much you make like doing it, no matter how much you may "feel" you have no choice but to do it! The same thing has happen to other groups like the alcoholics and smokers, people that would say they had "no control over their actions"... "they couldn't help it"... And just because others may be doing other things wrong still does not make a wrong right... that is the mentality of a child.

In the end, humanity will never achieve a better world as long as groups like the homosexuals stay in denial and keep pushing their dysfunction upon society as an "OK" thing", as a "harmless thing", ignoring and even blocking the data again and again that point and says, hey you have a problem...

I leave you with this thought by the great Greek philosopher Socrates (469–399 B.C.E.) that said that the biggest endeavor for a person in life is to “TRULY know thyself” or what he called, to have an Analyzed Life, he wrote: "...The unexamined life is not worth living..."

And please note that I have refuted his claims in a myriad of past posts, including this one which addresses in particularly the lies of "shortened mortality rate," the "unstable relationships," and the "promiscuity argument."

My prime objective for posting this child's pathetic ramble is for you see the folks who have dived  headfirst into the pool of lies pushed by the religious right.

But with this posting comes a caveat. Not everyone believes this mess and the wilder these folks get, the more mainstream we are becoming.

So in essence, you are witnessing death throes of archaic ignorance.

But I'm feeling a little guilty about it. Who knew watching the death throes of archaic ignorance would be so much fun to watch?

One more thing that someone just pointed out to me. What's the definition of stupid irony? Using a quote from a gay man (Socrates) to end a ramble criticizing gays.

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