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Let's play the game of "spank the homophobe"

The person who I talked about in my last post - who by the way is a member of the Truth4Time site - can't seem to take a hint.  He didn't exactly appreciate me mocking him. Subsequently, he sent me a long post and dared me to publish it.

I will, with a few additions of my own. Now I have given the poor child the initials of LTP. Never mind why. LOL


I dare you Alvin to post my response... lets see if you are as open minded as you people say you are.

 My friend - "Homophobe", "sad ignorant fool", subpar intelligence"..."nice" (sarcastic).. insults, typical of the responses from this kid of crowd... well, here is an education on facts:

First… there is no "gay gene".... if you are a homosexual you were not born one, you are made, a fact explained by geneticists like Dr. Neil E. Whitehead PhD in YouTube:

Type in the search box: [ Dr. Neil Whitehead answers, "Is there a gay gene?"]

Dr. Neil says that even after decades of looking:“ No statistical significant gene has been found, and they even looked at the whole human Geno…”

Another is large “Identical Twins Studies” in the Netherlands and Holland also prove homosexuality not to be genetic, since only less than 10% of the time if one identical twin is gay the other one is also gay, meaning 90% of the time if one is gay the other is not… in a situation were b-o-t-h beings (the twins) are genetically identical, and cooked in the mothers belly at the same time (under the same hormonal environment).

Even England's leading gay activist Peter Tatchell recently stated that: "Homosexuality isn’t natural. Ignore those researchers who claim to have discovered a ‘gay gene’, gay desire is not genetically determined". (Spiked, Tuesday 24, 2008).

My answer - First of all, my friend, you didn't give any information on Dr. Neil Whitehead.  Whitehead is a member of the discredited group NARTH (National Organization for  the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality). No one in the scientific community takes that organization seriously because it pushes "reparative therapy" - the false notion that homosexuality is a condition which can be changed. According to Truth Wins Out:

NARTH relies on outdated studies and frequently confuses stereotypes with science. Dr. Nicolosi, for example, often tells audiences that people are gay because they have a rift with a same-sex parent or a have domineering opposite sex parent. It has been decades since any serious scientific body subscribed to these views and there is no contemporary research to uphold these anachronistic theories. Yet, NARTH’ co-founder Dr. Joseph Nicolosi repeats the empty mantra, “We advise fathers, if you don’t hug your sons, some other man will.”

 . . . NARTH also has bizarre theories, such as encouraging male clients who drink Gatorade and call their friends “dude,” because this will supposedly make them more masculine. Dr. Nicolosi also espouses the bizarre idea that, “Non-homosexual men who experience defeat and failure may also experience homosexual fantasies or dreams.”

In 2006, NARTH had a meltdown after two major controversies. In the first, psychiatrist Joseph Berger, MD, a member of their “Scientific Advisory Committee,” wrote a paper encouraging students to “ridicule” gender variant children. “I suggest, indeed, letting children who wish go to school in clothes of the opposite sex–but not counseling other children to not tease them or hurt their feelings,” Dr. Berger wrote on NARTH’s website. “On the contrary, don’t interfere, and let the other children ridicule the child who has lost that clear boundary between play-acting at home and the reality needs of the outside world. Maybe, in this way, the child will re-establish that necessary boundary.”

 In the second controversy, Gerald Schoenwolf, PhD, also a member of NARTH’s “Scientific Advisory Committee,” wrote a polemic on the group’s website that seemed to justify slavery.

Two years ago, a member of NARTH's board, George Rekers, had to resign after being caught coming from a European vacation with a male escort.

But even without your citation of NARTH, your entire claim about a "gay gene" is merely a tactic for you to attempt to control the argument.

 As far as I know,  no gay equality group has ever pushed the notion of a gay gene. Also, no legitimate scientific body has ever said there was a gay gene, just like no scientific body ever said that there was a "heterosexual gene."

However, several legitimate medical bodies have all said that reparative therapy - the idea that homosexuality can be changed - is not necessarily a credible idea. According to the site Religious Tolerance:

Just the Facts Coalition -- a group of 13 professional associations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers and National Education Association jointly issued a document in 1999 titled: "Just the facts about sexual orientation." The document was updated in 2008. They expressed concern about harassment of gay and lesbian youth, condemned reparative therapy as potentially harmful and of little or no effectiveness, and describe transformational ministries as representing only one part of Christianity -- those faith groups which view homosexuality as outside God's will, and incompatible with Christianity. They cite other denominations as supporting equal rights, and protection against discrimination, for gays and lesbians.


Homosexuality is a dysfunction, homosexuals are victims of a bad upbringing environment, and incorrect/dysfunctional upbringing, and the damage starts very, very, very early in childhood, in the early years that no one remembers, thus many of them saying “I have been homosexual as far as I can remember…” the sad reality is that you are victims! 

My answer - Where is your proof of this? Your citations? You were so full of them when you spun the lie about the gay gene. I find it ironic that you cite absolutely NOTHING to prove this particular claim.


Homosexuality begins in the condition knows as Gender Identity Disorder, which later turns into full-blown homosexuality. Dr. Julie Harren explains in, I did the research for two years, it is all there. “Homosexuality 101 - part 1, 2 , and 3 - Dr. Julie Harren” 

My answer - Is that the same Dr. Julie Harren who is affiliated with NARTH (see above) and was elected President of the organization in 2007? Why yes it is.


Homosexuality has nothing to do with civil rights... there are plenty of ex-homosexuals who have reversed into been heterosexuals, but we ALL have yet to see a single Black American been an ex-Black American!

My answer - Please pardon my candor, but for someone who obsesses about gay men placing things up their rears (see my last post involving LTP's orginal letter), it seems that you have a significant amount of religious right hands up your bum. I say that to mean you are repeating their talking points like you are their puppet.

In regards to your claims about the amount of "ex-gays," a good friend of mine, Wayne Besen, suggested something that I would like to put to you. If there are as many "ex-gays" as folks like you claim exist, then why don't they all have a march in Washington for the world to see who they are.  I mean really I hear about the "vast amount" of  "ex-gays" from folks like yourself but I have seen more evidence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Yeti than evidence of all of these many "ex-gays" who are supposed to exist.

Also, let me put a new spin on you in regards to the African-American card you pulled. Back in the day, there were some African-Americans who were so light in complexion that they were able to pass as white. This gave them more freedom in a racist society, but more often than not, they paid the price by either discovery or their actual racial heritage or the realization that they are living a lie.

When I hear people talk about "there are no ex-Blacks" but plenty of "ex-gays," it is these African-Americans whom I think of.

LTP had some other stuff to say, mostly about him being an "ex-communist" and his supposed measured IQ of 132.

The first thing is something I don't give a crap about. The second thing is something I find hard to believe. But that's just me.

LTP, if you are reading this, I would suggest that before you call yourself gathering data, you research where said data comes from. And also, don't allow your personal biases to influence the data you receive.

No doubt you will want to answer me, but I also suggest that you first pick your face up from the ground.

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Warner said...

well, mental illness becomes more prevelant for people with IQ's above 125... so maybe he does have a high IQ, and the dementia and other general paranoia has already set in.

Woodstock said...

So here we have a Truth4Time member doing exactly what their mission statement says? Fancy that! Keep giving them rope, Alvin.

truthspew said...

Just ID the idiot already so we can all have a go at him.

Lori G. said...

This was GREAT! I love the point about ex-gays marching on Washington! LOL Next time I get a dumb comment on my blog, I am writing you for a good come-back! I love your blog!!

David said...

Your friend, LTP is spewing nonsense. Here's what the Wikipedia article about sexual orientation says:

"A number of twin studies have attempted to compare the relative importance of genetics and environment in the causation of sexual orientation. In a 1991 study of gay twins, Bailey and Pillard found that 52% of monozygotic (MZ) brothers and 22% of the dizygotic (DZ) twins were concordant for homosexuality."

So if the twins came from the same zygote, there is a 50-50 chance the other twin will be gay... not 10%. They also explain in the article why the odds are only 50-50. People like LTP have this simplistic mindset that things are either black or white. When common sense would tell you that human sexuality is very complex. So complex that medical scientists don't even have all the answers. But apparently LTP does. Go figure.

You can also add chromosome studies, epigenetic studies, birth order studies, fertility studies, pheromone studies, brain structure studies to the list. All of them point to sexual orientation being innate, and not chosen. But I have no doubt that LTP will be able to find a NARTH article that will attempt to refute all of the research.

I find it laughable that people like LTP think they know what makes gay people 'tick'. How can they possible know that just by reading some articles? As a white man, it would be outrageous for me to claim to know what it's like to live as a black man. But that's exactly what LTP is doing. 99.99999% of gay people have said ad infinitum that they didn't choose their sexual orientation. How can a straight person possibly refute that claim? Where's their point of reference?

Erica Cook said...

okay, I don't care if you think its genetic or not. People have the freedom of religion, (a choice) people have the right to marry people of other races (a choice). so prosuming that my sexuality is a choice is beside the point. We have the right to choose how we live our lives.

As for issues with the same sex parent I find this blatantly insulting. I have a healthy relationship with both my parents. If they did anything to promote my sexuality it was to teach me that I could count on them no matter what.

I was also just about the biggest sissy of a girl you could think of when I was a little girl. It was just happenstance that I managed to become a big old dyke.

I'm sure those people who repress their sexuality to the point where they've tricked you and maybe even themselves into believing they are now straight. But I'd like to see something other than that march. I'd like to see a comprehensive stud done on those supposed E-gays. I'd like to see tests done to see their responses to homosexual and heterosexual material. I'd like to see if you've actually done it. Would you find say 3 or 400 of these ex-gays to be tested for involuntary responses to sexual stimulants? If you've done it then scientifically back it up.

PS sorry if this got too log.

Lester said...

What does IQ have to do with anything here???

If that is the case, my "tested" IQ is more than 10 points above 132 and I'm gay.

Guess I win and gay is OK.

Jim Stone said...

Alvin...I'm sitting here drinking Gatorade watching football..and DUDE you are still hot!!! doesn't work!!! :)

keltic said...

the school teacher in me wants to get out my red pen to correct LTP's mistakes. There are problems with grammar and the content!

Anonymous said...

The "Incorrect Upbringing" argument is a load of BS. Both me and my brothers both had the exact same amazing childhood and I'm the only one who is gay. Seriously. You people make these lies and you seem to believe that if you repeat it over and over again, it makes it true. I mean come on. How is your upbringing supposed to decide who you fall in love with?

Tall Stacey said...

It is apparent that he is not only a puppet, but he speaks out of that butt too! I would like to refer the individual to some research on gender identity disorder! For example in this article on GID from Psychology Today,, the last line of the first paragraph states, and I quote:"This is distinct from homosexuality in that homosexuals nearly always identify with their apparent sex or gender". The 2 are unrelated, and certainly not dependent. Maybe after you get those hands out, you might get your head out of your a$$ too!

olandp said...

If it is the result of bad upbringing, then why is (Sy)Phillis Schafley's son John gay? I mean she is the very picture of America, Motherhood, and Apple Pie. (Snark)

There has been a search for a "gay gene" but research has led to investigations of hormone levels during certain periods of gestation. Just as there are variations in sex, it isn't just male and female, there are variations in sexuality. Bisexuals exist, but ex-gays do not. There are gay people who deny their sexuality, and there are bisexuals who have chosen to identify as heterosexual.

It amazes me how someone who claims to have no homosexual attractions can tell those of us who do, what we think and feel.

Gregory Peterson said...

I'm an artist, not a scientist, so don't take my word for it, but here is my understanding.

Back in the day when scientists started looking for a "Gay Gene," it was generally thought that the human genome had many more genes than we actually have. So, it was reasonable to think that there could be a single Gay gene, just as it was reasonable to think that there could be a single intelligence gene.

We now know that we have far fewer genes than was predicted. Our genes interact with each other and modify other gene's functions much more than was once supposed. Not to mention such things as epigenetic (which is probably why identical twins aren't quite identical) and micro-RNA modifications of what a gene does, or doesn't do.

So, I doubt, at this time anyway, that a single Gay gene will ever be found, just like I doubt that a single intelligence gene will be found.

Dan said...

one of my mates older sisters is a lesbian, and her mother is studying to be a christian priest! aside from giving up on grandkids from them, she has absolutely no problems with it... furthermore charlies upbringing was about as good as it gets (possibly better then mine) yet she was the one that is gay? problem trolls? also ex-gays marching on washington is something i would PAY to see :D keep up the great work :D

K&copy said...

Wow. He used the phrase "cooked in the mothers belly" but we are the ones with psychological problems?!?

Daniel Wachenheim said...

Thank you for fighting the good fight. You are right as always, these people lie and cheat, and they are bullies. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to all them on their bigotry.

Anonymous said...

here is something about about genes research... if that is what they wanna debate about so much..

Unknown said...

Can I just say this is one of the best blogs I have ever read. I love it and haven't laughed so much in forever. Thank you

I almost fell off my chair when I read about the Director of NARTH who was caught with a same sex escort. ROTFL

So what is Whitehead's deal? Does he believe his conclusions or was he paid to write this drivel.

I am not an expert, but how many life saving drugs would ever be approved by the FDA if 100% was the standard of proof for efficacy?

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to ignore the truths, A very high percentage of Gays have been victimized in there early youth. Even gays will openly admit this fact. Ask one. It was surveyed that over 75% where molested as kids. Etc. Do the math. Numbers do not lie. There have been many research and test done. It all comes down to choice.
Gays are a product of bad timing, unbalanced hormones, premature executed thoughts in moments in puberty that one can not make concrete reasoning and judgement calls, yet here we are, Living in a culture where teens think they know all the answers, and have more experience in life than adults parents, well, its also a matter of pride. and you guys know its true. So you slander the credentials of these men, and sway focus on the real subject. " Hey look over here, he was a member of ...blah blah...No. Look at the facts. You have to choose to be gay.

BlackTsunami said...

LOL. Anonymous. you talk a lot but you list NO citations. No one chooses to be gay, but you have chosen to be ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Neil E Whitehead is discredited: