Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why marriage equality opponents are losing - an audio demonstration.

I'm yanking this awesome exchange from Jeremy Hooper. It's from Delaware's House of Representatives hearing on the possible marriage equality law and it also demonstrates that probably one of the reasons why opponents of marriage equality are losing. Their arguments about the destruction "constitutional rights" and religious liberties" are one-note talking points which dissolve under questioning by folks who know their facts.

And this just in - the Delaware House of Representatives just passed marriage equality bill by a 23-18 vote. Now on to the Senae.


Tor said...

Ms. Smith is brilliant. She destroyed every argument of Mr. Lorence. I stand in awe.

Anonymous said...

Great exchange. He is an expert only at being evasive and implying a double standard against gay people that he would never support with regard to anyone else's rights.