Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boy Scouts decision has Congressman angry, thinking about lurid sex acts

Rep. Louie Gohmer
No doubt, a lot of folks are upset regarding the Boy Scouts allowing gay youth to participate. And that's their right. But this statement by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) last week on the Family Research Council's Washington Watch takes the cake for the basest, most ignorant thing I have ever heard. It's simply so sad when some folks will mistake ignorance for morality:


I was just so brokenhearted over the vote with the Boy Scouts. You’re going to allow a situation where a seventeen-year-old guy that’s sexually attracted to other guys gets in a little tent with an eleven-year-old new rookie Boy Scout and they spend the night together, night after night at camp? I mean, come on. I thought we were making progress. All I can figure is—I was an Eagle Scout, we share so much of the love of scouting—when you hear what happened, the people I talked to are, ‘well just think there are so many corporations that are holding up their donations and if we will just do this all of that money is going to flow to Boy Scouts.’ Are you kidding me? Is money the most important thing in life? Gosh no. You’re blessed so much more if you follow the teachings in the little old rulebook we call the Bible.

 Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Anonymous said...

this guy must be homophobic to pull out all stops on what might not even happen. after all not all gay guys go after "pre-teen" boys or boys in general. The mistakin gay "concept" all gays are evil burns my ass and really piss's me the off. if your so damned hell bent like this take some time befriends with gay guys. Instead of being a lil catholic alterboy who prolly got touched himself and cann't get any .

ToMMy said...

This homophobe hides behind his Bronze Age cult, and its myths and fairy tales, and uses it to justify his hatred and bigotry. While trying to associate homosexuality with pedophilia. Yet he turns a blind eye to the fact that the same Bronze Age cult that he openly embraces is the same one that is currently plagued with pedophiles and countless child rape sex scandals. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

"gay = pedophile". How many times have we heard such bullshit? It's no different from "atheist = immoral", "commie = eats kids" - which by the way was mutuated by "jew = eats kids", etc.

And the fact this person makes the Bible into a tool to justify his hate should send Christians into a rage.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of people trying to convince the rest of the world that pedophiles are gay men. The average pedophile is actually straight. After all we all know the Catholic Church would never allow a priest to be gay, but they do allow them to molest the alter-boys. They even send them to other churches so they are exposed to as many young boys as possible.
Get off your high horse and realize that the world is made up of all types of people and we are ALL equal.
People need to stop quoting bits and pieces of an out dated, overly-opinionated book. After all not a single person who uses the bible to protest against homosexuality follows every part of it. I am just so sick of hypocrites!

Jerry Callender said...

I went into Cub Scouts at 10, then to Boy Scouts (where my wife beating/child abusing/rapist step-father was asst Troop Leader), and into Sea Explorers where I completed all of the requirements for EAGLE - which was denied.
In all of my years in Scouting, I attended more camps, week-end hikes and camp-outs than I can remember or count and NEVER ONCE did I touch another Scout.
I was there for the companionship and adventures the Scouts were known for and NOT for a hook up.
The "gentleman" from Texas can spew his vile rhetoric all he wants to but what he says doesn't pass the test of logic.
I can only wonder how many that have taken their lives would be here today if it wasn't for the hatred and bullying that is taught to our youth at home and reinforced by organized religion.
I feel pity for the Congressman and shudder to think what has been passed on to his spawn.

Anonymous said...

This pinhead is obviously very insecure with his own sexuality. My question has always been, why not ban child molesters instead? How does this idiot keep getting elected?

Anonymous said...

Most pedophiles are not about boys or girls gay or straight, it’s about opportunity and the weak and unsupervised child. It’s about power for these sick men and women and yes women do it too in much worst ways. As a survivor of a pedophile I have never had an interest in children so also saying that victims become abusers is BS. These people feed the need to blame their own demons of others and if you ask me the ones who are against gays so loudly are the ones hiding the darkest secrets. Maybe we should start back ground checking these folks digging real deep in their personal lives! A lot of them get found out at some point but many still get away with it.

olandp said...

I believe that Gomer(t) spends a great deal of his time thinking about lurid gay sex. Much more than the average gay man.