Thursday, November 20, 2014

'SC Attorney General loses final attempt to stop marriage equality' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Day to Honor the Dead and the Living - First and foremost, let us honor those who are no longer with us as well celebrate, mentor, and inspire those who are still with us.  

U.S. Supreme Court decision paves way for same-sex marriage in SC -  
So this battle ends 
not with the thundering of the troops 
or the clashing of armor 
and soulless bodies, departed spirits headed to their Maker 
But with the inevitable acquiesce of the acceptance of love 
over ignorance. 

RFRA Madness: What’s Next for Anti-Democratic ‘Religious Exemptions’ - But do not be fooled and don't celebrate too quickly. We made that mistake after the overturning of the sodomy laws. Say hello to the new chapter in the 'culture wars.' 

NOM CRATERS: Funding for Anti-LGBT National Organization For Marriage Drops by Over 50% - Even though I am a strong proponent of "beating the arrows on the floor until they are consumed," (It's a Biblical reference. Look it up) I can't help but to be absolutely thrilled over this.  

This Right-Wing Legal Powerhouse Wants To Make Gay Sex Illegal - I fail to see how this group can call itself the "Alliance Defending Freedom."

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