Thursday, November 20, 2014

Arkansas rally demonstrates why marriage equality is winning

In Arkansas yesterday,  reality tv personality Josh Duggar led a rally against marriage equality which clashed with supporters. This took place because today, there will be court deliberations about the Arkansas anti-marriage equality law.

That's something interesting to remember, particularly when one hears the arguments from rally attendees as to why the law shouldn't be overturned.  At the most, their earnest, yet clueless overtures give perfect reason why these laws are being overturned in places as diverse as South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, etc.

In layman's terms, these laws were passed with wide emotional appeal but with no clue as to how they can be proven as constitutional in a court of law:

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Asa DeMatteo, Ph.D. said...

The SCOTUS last century confirmed that marriage is a fundamental right for all citizens. The nature and purpose of a constitution is to remove certain rights designated as fundamental from the vote by any majority. The conundrum here is that a fundamental right to marriage without a corollary right to marry the person of one's choice, absent any violation of rights of others, is completely meaningless. That choice of whom to marry belongs to the individual (confirmed last century by the SCOTUS), not the state, not the church, no matter how sanctimonious they proclaim differently.