Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not forgetting our marriage equality struggles in the midst of our victories

We are celebrating the continued expansion of marriage equality across the country and (for the really meaner folks) how the National Organization for Marriage is falling fast down the pit of irrelevancy (and when they reach the bottom, I think we should bulldoze a lot of stuff in it and bury them), but let's not forget that the struggle for marriage equality and lgbt equality in general is not over. Let's also not forget where we came from, i.e. how certain views were of the mainstream and how these views contributed to NOM's past success.

With that in mind, I am showcasing two commercials which ran during NOM's initially successful attempt to ban marriage equality in California via Prop 8 in 2008. The second commercial is very interesting because  for all of their inspired rhetoric, the folks involved in that commercial, particularly Rev. Miles McPherson, refused to testify during the trial which eventually overturned Prop 8:


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